Avoid These 7 Mistakes Before Setting Out to Camp in The Woods


Take your simple and calming trip to the next level by getting camping right. There’s not much that you can do wrong during camping and becoming one with nature and your friends/family in a trip where you get to sleep beneath the stars. But don’t be mistaken, because there are some things you might end up neglecting that might turn your fun camping trip into a boring one. If you want to wake up to chirping birds in a tent that won’t let the bed bugs bite and sit out by the fire and tell ghost stories with ease, keep the following things in mind and make no mistakes. Here are some regrets to avoid when it comes to camping

  1. Not Getting the Right Tent

    Big tent, small tent, not the right tent: this is something you don’t want to end up with during your camping trip. It is not that hard to find the kind of tent that will suit your requirements, but making sure you check all the features of it before quickly picking it up from the store and running away is a task for the smart in you. What’s important is to make sure you get a safe, secure tents and camp gear that can withstand a bad weather condition or two. Check the poles, zippers, and texture of it before you pitch it immediately in your campsite so that there are no surprises.

  2. Poison Identification Gone Wrong

    Make use of that Smartphone and check what poisonous plants are and how they can be avoided. We don’t want a poison ivy destroying your fun camping trip. This can be seriously troubling, but it can be avoided if proper precaution is taken. Pick up an online guide that helps identify plants that might cause some trouble and keep yourself and your loved ones safe through informed planning. A lot of campsites and parks provide handy identification guides as well so make sure to check up on them.

  3. Being Late

    One of the worst things to do when camping is arriving on the campsite after dark. Pitching a tent in minimal lighting is nobody’s fantasy, and rest assured, it’s a very tedious task. No amount of glaring flashlights will fix that. When in nature, let daylight guide your path and arrive at the campsite on time. The last thing you want is to end up pitching your tent next to a smelly toilet and a noisy patch of site. Arriving early ensures you find the perfect spot to tent it.

  4. No Plan No Gain

    You should hardly underestimate the power of planning. Everything, ultimately, comes down to this: plan it way before your trip or you’ll end up in a camping trip that you might regret for a long time. Make lists and ensure that anything that can go wrong doesn’t, or has no possibility of. Tent size, campfire equipment, first-aid preparation and disaster readiness are just a few of the things that you should keep in mind at least a week before the camping trip, preferably even sooner if you want things to be A-okay.

  5. Picking the Wrong Campsite

    Nothing is worse than ending up at a campsite that’s got no interesting and fun stuff to offer. Look up the right campsite online and find one that fits your requirements. There’s much to look at when it comes to campsites and you don’t want to end up at one that’s small and filled with smelly toilet boxes that would ruin your time there. Always ensure that a campsite isn’t occupied by too many campers either, which might also make your experience a bit boring.

  6. Not Enough Water

    Nobody is blessed with water-supply that will never run out, so packing enough bottles to keep yourself hydrated and healthy is very important. You don’t want to go for a hike and not find a water bottle tucked in your backpack and then have to ruin the experience and fun of it. Always pack enough water so you never run out of energy. A bottle of squash or a juice box and two also makes a lot of difference, so bring that water cooler along and make sure you don’t run out of this surviving gear.

  7. Not Enough Lighting

    Darkness might be Batman’s best friend but it isn’t the same for us mere mortals. Much as you’d enjoy stargazing, not carrying enough flashlights and batteries could make your night a gloomy one. There are a lot of options like solar powered lights, head torches, battery-powered long lasting flashlights that make sure you don’t have to rely on the campfire to keep your eyes open and alert.

You get these mistakes out of the way and there’s nothing else that will make things worse for you. Enjoy your next camping trip through these fool proof methods of hassle-free camping that brings more than just happiness.

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