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Sri Lanka Highlights – Day 2


OK, OK... I know this trip to Sri Lanka happened a lifetime ago (Feb this year)...but I have yet to complete blogging about it. I have been a bit lazy of late, just spending more time reading other people's blogs rather than posting on my own. However, since I believe in "better late than never", here ...

Shopping Splurge


Recently been on a shopping splurge. This seems to be the season for sales in Bangalore, and unlike the usual frugal me, I really went out on the town. Partly, I was packing for our upcoming trip to Sri Lanka when I realized that I have no clothes :), or at least, none that were ...

Sri Lanka Trip Highlights


lIt's been a long time since I blogged on this site. Been extremely busy with my project release. I finally submitted all my deliverables last week phew !! Last december, we had won 2 tickets for a trip to Colombo from Radio 1. Thanks a lot Radio 1. We had an awesome time. Because of project ...