{Almost} WW: Somebody Stop Me


I’ve been eyeing this bag for some time waiting for the price to drop. And then when I went to Goa, I used the snubnose’s decision ball to make up my mind. Should I buy the bag or not? Thankfully, the answer was yes, I came back to Bangalore, saw the price had indeed dropped and happily scooped it up, making this the second bag I buy this year.

I clearly have a problem with self-restraint 🙁 .



Don’t know what a decision ball is? Here’s an image I downloaded from google. You just ask a question and shake the ball, and make your decision based on whatever the needle points to :).

Can you believe stuff like this is actually sold? Ours is a corporate freebie

Can you believe stuff like this is actually sold? Ours is a corporate freebie

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  • poupee97

    What a pretty bag! What a pretty decision ball too, come to think of it. Compared to what we had to put up with in Goa…

    All the same, when presented with a really pretty bag, first, why bother with restraint, and second, why bother with decision balls? (What would you have done if it had said “Ask mom”?)

    • @poupee: Ask mom is actually not a bad option. She would have said yes and then offered to get it for me 🙂

  • That bag is really pretty. I would have bought it too if I were in your place 🙂 I keep buying so many bags but still feel like buying another.

    • @Ava: Thanks, so pretty, but also so impractical…all that white…I really need to baby this bag

  • Hmmm…decision ball. Not for use in important, life-changing events. As for self restraint, you have lots. Seriously. Congratulate yourself. You waited until the price dropped, even though it meant you may have missed out. I have a spending problem with beautiful clothes. Sensuous, soft, expensive clothes. Clothes most people would put down because of the price tag. I would like your restraint. Working out how to practice it.

    • @DJBlackmore: Thanks. It’s nice when someone actually compliments me on my self-restraint. It’s usually the other way around 🙂

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