What I Wore Wednesdays: True Blue


i5dumfBeen thinking of participating in yet another meme. This meme called What I Wore Wednesdays and which is hosted by Transatlantic Blonde will document my general style of dressing, which is either completely laid back, or dressed to the nines ( more of the former though).

This will probably be a mid-week general update post with a picture. And since I am not planning to turn this place into a style blog, I won’t be giving dress details and stuff, however if you want to know where something is from direct message me on twitter | facebook and I”ll get back ASAP.

So, this is what I wore last weekend.

My mumiform when running around town with the littles

My mumiform when running around town with the littles

Yeah, that’s not a typo in the photo caption. On weekends, when I am running around with kids – to the park, the doctor’s, or a class, there’s nothing better than flats, a simple tee, and leggings. I call this my mumiform – a term I have happily appropriated from (Mostly) Yummy Mummy, which is also the blog from where I got the idea to participate in this meme.

The white bag is awesome, I swear I can carry the whole world in it. It’s usually stuffed to the brim with snacks, water bottle, and toys for amusement. I first blogged about it here. At the time I bought it, I worried about the versatility and the high-maintenance aspect of it (white is not a color you want when you have two small kids), but its fantastic construction makes this the bag I turn to all the time. The tons of pockets are super-practical to store all my sundries.

So, this is what I wore last weekend – an attempt at looking stylish while running errands. What do you wear when you are with kids? What do you take into consideration?

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