About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

This is my little home on the web where I rant and rave (mostly rave) about all the stuff that goes on in my life.

A Bit About Me

A bundle of contradictions, sometimes serious sometimes fun-loving, sometimes hard-working sometimes lazy,you get the picture 🙂 A technical writer during the week, harassed house-wife and mother during weekends. I am a Leo, and I read my horoscope religiously. It usually is true 🙂 .

My Interests

Very eclectic, depends entirely on my mood of the moment. However, some general interests are books, movies, eating out, shopping, fitness, and blogging. My blog mostly covers all these topics.

Cast of Characters

I love to talk about my 2 littles – the snubnose and piglet.

Snubnose is the elder and she loves art, dance, princesses, and fairies. A typical girly girl, she makes me want to pull my hair with frustration at her dreaminess sometimes. Most times though, she is the most adorable and good child and sometimes shames me with her grace, understanding, maturity, and tolerance of my own shortcomings.

Piglet is the baby of the family. He’s into football and reading – two complete opposites I know. He is the calmest, coolest cat in the house. But beware, don’t get in his way. He rams his way through all obstacles to get what he wants when he wants it. Hot-headed but calm, athletic but scholastic – piglet is one interesting not-so-little bundle of contradictions.

And of course, there is K.

K is the bedrock of the family and pretty much everything revolves around him. In turns bemused, amused, and exasperated by our nonsense. Snubnose, Piglet and I stretch his tolerance and patience to the limit.

So, welcome to my blog, and happy browsing! Hope you like it around here 🙂

My skills

Coffee Brewing



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