Move Over Paris and Milan: Five Countries with a Brewing Fashion Scene


We’ll always have Paris.

~ a line made famous in the movie Casablanca

Fashion pundits worldwide WILL always have Paris, and Milan too; though something is brewing and the fashion forward are already across it. Fresh perspectives, payment of respect to the need for functionality and style, and a ‘because we can’ attitude bolstered by a desire to lead rather than follow is giving life to fashion destinations across the globe.


Australia is a cultural melting pot, and the fashion is as diverse as its creators. The exponential growth of the country’s Fashion Week in recent years, thanks to media exposure and corporate support have garnered international interest.

Sydney and Melbourne fly the flag as the major fashion destinations both in a retail sense and as incubators for designers, emergent and established, however, Brisbane and the Gold Coast are proving their worth as a fashion destination, impressing international guests who are seeking out everything from handcrafted designer pieces from local markets to high end and high street options.

The ones to watch:
Alex Perry, by johnny, Bec & Bridge, Carla Zampatti, Dion Lee, Ginger & Smart, Maticevski and Zimmerman

The Middle East

Opulent fabrics, hand beading and embellishments, and sublime silhouettes are catching the eye of ‘the haves’ – celebrities, celebrity stylists, wealthy fashionistas and the style conscious worldwide. All the while ‘the have nots’ watch on in awe at the jaw-dropping design and construction work coming out of the UAE and making its way to red carpets in all corners of the globe.

The plethora of quality retail precincts in Dubai alone, from souks and indie boutiques to elaborate malls cater to all fashion budgets. The east meets west mentality makes shopping a fresh and exciting experience.

The ones to watch:
Jean Louis Sabaji, Zareena, Rami Al Ali, Michael Cinco and Ahbed Mahfouz.


Berlin Fashion Week is big, and with an export as significant as Karl Lagerfeld you’d have to take note of the scene in Germany. There is a unique spirit in the business of retail in Germany that lends itself to experimentation and this can be seen in a variety of ‘concept’ stores where a designer’s craftmanship is valued (by the customer and the creator) more so than a high turnover of mass-produced product at a lower profit margin. What does this mean for you? Fascinating and unique finds that will always attract the ‘I love that, where did you get that from?’ kind of compliment. Save the date for 2018 Fashion Week in Berlin.

The ones to watch:
Kaviar Gauche, Lala Berlin, Marcel Ostertag, Atelier Michalsky, and Glaw.


A lot like the Australian fashion scene, the advent of the Portugal Fashion event in 1995 and the support for up and coming, entrepreneurial designers has meant fashion watchers can take the country seriously, in the business of fashion.

Yes, the country is small but it’s capital, Lisbon is a hotbed for fashion retail, established European brands, start-ups and inspired designers and textile specialists. Explore Lisbon with

The ones to watch:
Alexandra Moura, Storytailors, and Inês Torcato.

Yes, there will always be Paris, but for those desiring to be a leader, to be different, bold and adventurous, explore the big wide world of fashion. Even the French designer herself, Coco Chanel, reminds us that “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

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