Wedding Loans by Tata Capital


Planning a wedding this year? You just may be in luck.

For this most special day in your life, there are tons of things you need to plan for – such as an exotic honeymoon, a professional photo-shoot, jewelry and dresses for the bride and groom, catering for the bash, the list is just endless. And all these things need some cold, hard cash in hand. Now that a lot of the demonetization frenzy has died down, most wedding planners have gone back to the same old “only cash or PayTM” formula.

And then come the compromises – one by one you chip away at your dream until your wedding dreams more closely resemble nightmares.

This is pretty much what happened at our wedding. The honeymoon in Switzerland was swapped with something close by. The reception jewels were borrowed, and we basically made do.

Thankfully, this need not be the case now.

Tata Capital has now come up with a wedding loan that can make anyone’s wedding wishes come true.

I wish I had registered the concept of a wedding loan when I had got married. I could have made my dream honeymoon in Switzerland come true. You may wonder, why enter into a new phase of life with a loan. Why couldn’t we just make do until we actually had the money in hand to make that dream trip?

One of the facts that I have realized only in hindsight now is that expenses and responsibilities only keep growing in life after you get married. Suddenly, career and kids become priority, expenses rise, and now after so many years after getting married, Europe seems even farther away from us 🙁 .

Alas! No honeymoon in Switzerland for us

Alas! No honeymoon in Switzerland for us

And you gotta admit, traveling to Switzerland is far cheaper for a couple, than now as a family with two kids.

So, if you’re getting married, here is what I urge you to do.

  • Decide on what are the most important things for you and your spouse that you absolutely cannot live without for your wedding.
  • Make up a budget estimating how much things will cost vs the amount of money you actually have available to spend.
  • Visit Tata Capital Wedding Loan Website to apply and fill in relevant details, along with the wedding wish. After a careful analysis of your profile, Tata Capital will process your loan.

And that’s it. You can have your dream wedding without the stress of having to pay a lump sum amount, or juggle multiple lines of credit.

What would you have liked for your wedding, and had to let go of? If you’re single, what is an essential part of your dream wedding? Do let me know in the comments.

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