Workshop with Celebrity Chef Shazia Khan @PMCBangalore


Last weekend, I had an exciting opportunity to go see Chef Shazia Khan cook up some delicacies for us, and hopefully pick up some nice recipes and cooking tips to share with you all.

For those who aren’t aware, Shazia Khan is an Indian chef. She participated in MasterChef India (season 2),and was the Runner-Up in the competition.

I went primarily for the foodie bits, but I came away impressed by Shazia as a person as well.

The Yummy Food

First up, here are some details about the yummy food she cooked up for us. I am doing just pics and a brief summary for now as I didn’t want to make this an overly long post. Watch this space for detailed recipes coming soon.

Grilled paneer with pineapple, and cherry tomato relish

The beautifully plated and delicious grilled paneer

The beautifully plated and delicious grilled paneer

I thought the recipe for the cherry tomato relish was brilliantly easy, and I will definitely be giving this a try at home. It’s perfect as a side for kebabs, and other similar fried dishes.

The cherry tomato relish

The cherry tomato relish

This was extremely tasty and delicious, and I will be sharing the recipe for this dish and all other dishes in another blog post.

Smoked Subz Kabab (veg) with Lavash

The kababs

The kababs

These kababs were quite different from the norm. These were made with yam, raw banana, and chana dal.

Throughout the workshop, I was charmed at how she made all these fantastic dishes using very simple, down to earth ingredients that can be found in every Indian kitchen.

Frequently, I am frustrated with recipes that call for expensive equipment or ingredients. However, in her workshop, everything she made seemed simple, and doable by the average cook.

The subz kabab was served on a bed of lavash.

Freshly baked lavash

Freshly baked lavash

Lebanese Chicken Skewers

I am a vegetarian so I didn’t try these skewers but Snubnose did, and loved them so much, she went for multiple tastings of it.

Chicken skewers

Chicken skewers


As you can imagine, I was most interested in the desserts she was preparing for us.

On the agenda was some almond crumble, choco lava cake, and some strawberry basil coulis.

I have always been intimidated by making desserts, and I was surprised to see how easy she made all this seem.

The choco lava cake with almond crumble and strawberry basil coulis

The choco lava cake with almond crumble and strawberry basil coulis

I was also heartened by her disappointment with the choco lava cake, which wasn’t as gooey as expected. It’s nice to know that even for a seasoned cook such as her, things do not always go according to plan.

Shazia Khan was kind enough to share the recipes for all her dishes with us. And I will be blogging about them in later posts.

Leave a note in the comments if there is any specific recipe you would like me to share.

Her Book

Shazia’s book – What’s on the menu? is out and is available in bookstores, and online.

She spoke a bit about her book, and the thought process that went behind it. Here’s a short soundbite from her about her book.

Her book has pretty decent reviews online, and I think I am going to pick it up the next time I visit Om Bookstores.

You can also buy it from Amazon.

Her Philanthropic Activities

So far, all I knew about Shazia Khan was that she was an excellent cook, and a finalist on Master Chef. I didn’t know about her ventures into the education space, and the philanthropic drive behind it. I was pleasantly surprised to hear her speak so eloquently on a topic obviously close to her heart.

I am definitely a huge fan of her now – not only as a Chef, but also as a person.

Once all the cooking was done, it was time for tasting, and then the folks from Phoenix Marketcity mall who organized the event provided all the attendees a full buffet lunch from Copper Chimney.

You can imagine our state after that. It took a lot of waddling window-shopping throughout the entire mall, for us to start feeling light again.

Huge thanks to Phoenix Marketcity Mall for hosting and organizing this event. They did a fantastic job!

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  • Diane La Rue

    What a fun event, and those dishes looked so beautiful.

  • I love paneer, but I have to say that I buy dishes with it already made! You were so lucky to attend this event!

  • Sounds exciting! After reading your post, I want to find a recipe for cherry tomato relish. I love tomatoes!

  • What an experience! It sounds like an amazing workshop and the food sounds fantastic. I love the idea of the cherry tomato relish. Cherry tomatoes is something I always have a surplus of during the summer and am always looking for something to do with them. This sounds perfect!

    • Nishita

      @VickiSN:disqus @disqus_MmhuYoYz0y:disqus Recipes will be coming soon on the blog 🙂 Just need to gather up my notes.

  • BethFishReads

    what a great event! Everything really does look delicious, and I hope you share some recipes.

  • Tina

    What an experience! I don’t know where to start with the food, it all looks so wonderful.

  • The pics look so delicious. 🙂

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