Five Gorgeous Lohri / Pongal / Sankranti outfit tips for you ladies out there


My first memories of Lohri/Pongal/Sankranti includes seeing mum waking up early morning chanting prayers in front of the fire for abundant crops and taking rounds of the pious fire in the evenings while throwing peanuts and sweets in the sacred fire.

I remember her dressing in gorgeous sarees, some from her wedding trousseau. And I, most excitedly, made sets out of the glass bangles for her to wear, matched with her outfit.

With the festival round the corner, we have reason enough for all the women up there to dress up your best while the celebrations are on the air!
Here are a few gorgeous outfit ideas for Lohri this season. So, get ready to look sizzling hot this festive season!

  1. If the newest trends are to be believed, this season, festive dressing is about dark colors, striking contrasts and large motifs.
  2. That being said, pristine whites, indulgent creams and pastel colors too certainly stands out when it comes to ethnic wear this season. The pastel shades can be blended with delicate gold and silver embroidery work. However, when wearing pearly shades, remember to amp up your makeup game.
  3. Afraid of ditching bright shades? Go for versions of gold. Glimmering gold, Rose gold etc– oozing luxury is high of fashion radars. Pair metallic gold with Belgian browns and vanilla shades.
  4. In terms of silhouettes, the focus is on easy breezy outfits that flow with ease. Anupama Bose through her ‘Satrangi’, during the Lakme Fashion Week gave one of her most fantastic pieces mostly consisting of silk- a perfect blend of traditional couture with a subtle kiss of modernity. Ghaghras, saris with floor length Cape blouses, chogas – classics from the Indian textile heritage are all in vogue. Dhoti pants, long cape blouses, dhoti sarees and kaftans are also in vogue for fuss-free festivities.
  5. For those faithful to lehengas, go for crisp flavor of Indian royal fabrics and designs dominated by full Rajasthani embroidery work.

All your gorgeous ethnic outfits however needs a lot of pampering when it comes to washing them. They delicate and even the slightest ignorance might completely destroy them, even before you could wear it agan. Using a washing machine to launder them might not be a great idea! You could probably try dry cleaning them with an online laundry service in Bangalore.

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