Blouse Love aka I Go Crazy Over Thanksgiving


I’ve done some minor tweaks to my look the past few months. Nothing drastic – just a touch of make-up and a more feminine style of dressing.

Don’t get me wrong, I still live in jeans and tops but I now mix it up with a few dresses over the weekend.

My weekday work ensemble of jeans and boyish button-down shirts are also getting a little rework. I’ve tossed out the 15-year old shirts (or rather stored them safely, as they are still in good condition and I may end up missing them) and am revisiting a look that I used to think was stuffy a few years back – pretty blouses (and I don’t mean sari blouses!) with jeans and heels.

I dug through my old clothes and fished out this one.

Taken out my old blouse from the attic to rewear more often

Taken out my old blouse from the attic to rewear more often

I have no clue why I retired it. It’s such a pretty blouse, and in fact seeing it reminded me that I don’t have enough pretty blouses. So, I went on an online shopping spree and picked up these.

New blouses I have added to my collection

New blouses I have added to my collection

And of course to match this new ladylike look, I have to pick up an equally feminine bag 😉 , and so into my checkout basket went this sweet bag.

In love with this wine colored bag

In love with this wine colored bag. It has a contrasting inside which I love, love, love

This bag makes a perfect contrast to the muted colors on my blouse I think.

I was also tempted to go in for a new pair of shoes to make the look complete but stopped when I guiltily remembered these shoes bought about 3 years ago, and which will perfectly supplement my new blouses.

My old trusty heels

My old trusty heels

So I got a little carried away by the great sales on during this season and the free shipping. But these are the last things I buy this year, I swear. I have some big expenses coming up in a couple of weeks time (planning a big bash for Piglet’s third birthday), and so this is my not-so big indulgence for myself.

The bag arrived within a couple of days, and it’s even prettier in real life. I love the wine color. I am still waiting eagerly for the blouses. I just know they will make great workplace staples.

I love mixing in old clothes with new!

Are you doing any holiday shopping? The sales have been crazy and some fabulous quality stuff is available. There were so many things I wanted to buy but I eventually restricted myself to the blouses and the bag (bought from a couple of trusted ebayers).

3 Responses
  • Bina@Ifyoucanreadthis.wordpres
    December 7, 2014

    That’s such a lovely blouse, I want one! 🙂 I’ve taken to blouses this year, too, because I had to teach a bit and was trying to look like a responsible adult. And now the look has stuck somehow. Not much shopping for me, I’m saving up for Christmas gifts, but I did end up buying plum and bordeaux colored nail polish.

    • Nishita
      December 8, 2014

      @Bina: The nail polish sounds so pretty. Yes, I too like the responsible adult look of blouses. Hope they suit me. I am anxiously waiting for them 🙂

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