Reading Toni Morrison


Reading is essentially a solitary activity, and I enjoy it that way. However there are some books / authors (I think) that really work when you read along with someone else, and Toni Morrison is one such author.

I have read and loved Sula, Song of Solomon, and Beloved however I did come out of them feeling a tinge dissatisfied, a feeling that I had missed some of the finer aspects of the book.

This time around, I am hoping reading with company will remove that feeling of not having got the most out of the book. So when I read Gargi’s blog where she’s hosting a Toni Morrison readalong, and that she’s reading The Bluest Eye, a book I’ve long wanted to read, I can’t not sign up.

So here I am, signing up rather late in the day, but I reckon I have another 8 weeks to focus on The Bluest Eye (and any other Morrison I can get my hands on). She doesn’t write chunksters (but her experimental style of writing is hard!) but I still think I can finish 1-2 in the next 8 weeks.

Question is, which one do I read? I do plan to read The Bluest Eye next week, but am keeping my plans open for her next book. Do you have any recommendations? Would you like to join the Morrison readalong with me?

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