{Almost} WW: Who Knew Monochrome Could be So Cool in Grey?


OK, I did. Grey along with its family members of white and black are my favorite colors and when we built and decorated our house, I tried my best to convince K that a grey wall would look lovely in our study. He wasn’t too convinced and so we ended up compromising with a grey-ish brown color, and now that’s our favorite room in the house.

Once all the painting was done, he admitted that he liked the grey-brown a lot more than he expected to. Sigh! We always learn things a bit too late 🙁 . I am now waiting for the next time we paint our house and hopefully this time I will have more say in design decisions.

For now, as inspiration I look up to this lovely house, where they have dared to go grey throughout all the walls in their house.

The Exterior

The Exterior

The verandah - grey with a colorful rug looks so lovely and relaxed

The verandah – grey with a colorful rug looks so lovely and relaxed

Grey walls form a lovely backdrop for colorful books and knick-knacks

Grey walls form a lovely backdrop for colorful books, posters, and knick-knacks

Bag decor :D

Bag decor 😀

Grey can work for a child's room too, I think

Grey can work for a child’s room too, I think

Of course being the water baby that I am, I think the best part of the house is this.

How come I never thought of it? This is the coolest idea!

How come I never thought of it? This is the coolest idea!

I don’t think Snubnose will ever concede to going all grey in her room and why should she? It’s her room. But maybe she would like something along these lines.

Pink and grey might suit her more

Pink and grey might suit her more

Cute color co-ordination

Cute color co-ordination

What do you think? Too out there?

All images taken from here and here.

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  • veens


  • I am a big fan of gray, white, and black! My husband tries his hardest to get me to wear some color since most of my wardrobe, okay, fine, my entire wardrobe, is full of grays, and blacks, and some whites. Gray is definitely beautiful in a room!

  • Anjana Avinash

    I was practically drooling over the pics ! I’ve always stayed away from grey, but after seeing these pics I need to do a serious re-think 🙂

    • Nishita

      I know! I love grey and Asian Paints had some lovely grey options, but K was not sure, and I’d never seen an entire wall of grey so I backed off, but now we have this for inspiration.

      I may never do an entire house, but I think the study room is perfect for a darker color.

  • Nice shots!

    Please share your shots at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2014/08/variations-with-linky.html. I can’t wait to see you there!

  • Avada@ashscerebrations.com

    I loved those pictures, especially last two. But I feel a brighter color might look good on walls.

    • Nishita

      @Avada@ashscerebrations.com I wouldn’t go all the way like they have, but one room in this color would make a lovely contrast to the rest of the house.

  • Not too out there, but I worry that I would start to feel dreary about gray walls. I am totally uncreative about these things — I love a light yellow wall, or if I am feeling adventurous, perhaps even a light green. :p

    • Nishita

      @readingtheend:disqus that’s totally possible I think especially in winter. Here in the tropics, I am hoping the cool grey would help us to keep our cool in the summers :D.
      I know color probably has nothing to do with it, but can’t help feeling that our study which is done up in the grey-brown is the coolest room in the house. We all congregate there when it gets too hot.

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