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Traveling is easily one of the best things one can do to become a richer, better person. Experiencing new cultures without necessarily speaking the language, seeing world-famous landmarks or discovering hidden treasures of foreign cities makes us feel refreshed and one step closer to happiness. But as much as we take from such an experience, there are always those small difficulties that won’t let us enjoy everything as we should: who to leave the pets with, fitting everything into a single suitcase, jet lag, or an uncomfortable trip, among others. Fortunately, there’s an answer for each one of these. And today, we’re going to focus on getting you to be comfortable on your plane ride, while also looking neat and proper. This is just the first step to a perfect, peaceful vacation.


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Whether you’re flying for an hour or ten, you probably want to look good doing it. One of the best tips we can give you is to avoid sloppy tracksuits and yoga pants and opt for good quality clothes. For example, a good pair of jeans won’t lose elasticity if you sit down for a long time, but they also won’t make you feel like you want to rip them off you the minute you take a sit. Even if it’s hot outside, avoid wearing shorts or skirts – it’s better to cover up, as you never know where you end up in the plane or how the weather is on landing. Moreover, planes have air conditioning, and you might feel cold in bare legs. Breathable fabrics are also important (linen, cotton, silk), as they allow air to circulate, unlike polyester, which keeps sweat and dirt close to your body.

Layering is an travel essential: variable weather and AC make it important that you can take something off or put something on with ease. Try layering a simple t-shirt, a button down shirt and a jacket with plenty of pockets. Don’t forget a big, versatile scarf, which you’ll be able to use on your head, shoulders, neck or even legs when needed.

Generally avoid accessories when you’re traveling, especially jewelry. The metal detectors will go off, plus they’re not that comfortable to begin with. Keep it minimal. Do, however, bring a pair of oversized sunglasses with you, which will come in handy as you look out the window above the clouds, but also as you get off the plane with runny make-up and puffy eyes. Finally, make sure your shoes are comfortable, preferably flats, and that you have an extra pair of socks with you to warm up.

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  • These are great advice. I really think it’s important to keep things at a minimum while traveling.

  • BookerTalk

    Very sound advice. I never wear track suits or ultra casual clothes because I’ve had too many situations where the luggage doesn’t turn up and then you’re stuck trying to find clothes that will at least be acceptable for a business meeting the next day. Not much fun in some parts of the world. so I try to dress in a way that if I absolutely had to, I could go the meeting in my travel clothes

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