Songs we are Singing Around the House These Days


Snubnose and I have traditionally gone through mad singing phases where we both latch on to a song, and it becomes our song for the next few weeks or months. I have mentioned some previous songs in some posts here, here, here, and here.

This summer, it’s the turn of the King of Pop himself – Elvis the Pelvis and his famous hit – Love me Tender.

It’s kinda funny that the snubnose loves this song so much considering he died almost fifty years? before she was born. But, she’s too young to be hipster/cool, and it’s a pleasure to hear her warble this song along with him.

I have even written out the lyrics for her in her notebook, and she’s ended up learning the complete song itself :).

Another song that we sing around the house these days is much more modern. While talking recently with a friend about Western popular music I realized that I have absolutely no clue about what’s happening in Western music these days. My tastes seem to have gotten stuck around the grungeish phase of the early 90s.

Anyway, what’s youtube for if not to discover unfamiliar artists/music? And I stumbled upon this one by Demi Lovato – Skyscraper. I”ll be honest and say the song doesn’t do too much for me, but it’s easy to sing, the lyrics are simple, and the message is nice. So, snubnose is learning this song as well this summer.

Nothing like her childish, very off-tune voice to bring a smile to my face 🙂

  • kuchh unkahi

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  • I like Demi Lovato these days. Have you tried her song “Give your heart a break” ?

    • @Ava: No, I haven’t. I am not very familiar with her music at all. But, I liked Skyscraper and should check this one out too. Thanks for the recco 🙂

  • I love Elvis ! He’s one of the few who always sang from the heart. *sigh*

    • @Shaili D: That he does 🙂 I love him too…but I am afraid that this generation of kids might think him cheesy

  • Awwwww. Especially aw to the Snubnose singing Elvis.

    • @Jenny: I know…sometimes the most unexpected songs are hits with her 🙂

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