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I have tons of videos of the Snubnose and Piglet and I always hesitate posting them on my blog for these two reasons:

  1. It seems to me that videos would be crossing my comfort zone of sharing personal information on the blog. And really, would anyone actually be interested in seeing this stuff? I know I hardly click on videos.
  2. So, far, I have shot nothing that really warrants sharing publicly. I mean most of the time even my husband just has a polite smile when I show him videos of the kids accomplishments. All right, all right, most of the time, the videos are pretty blah, sorry, cinematic masterpieces such as the Piglet sneezing, or the Snubnose posing stiffly for a still shot when I am shooting video. Stuff like that. I know only I can enjoy these things.

But once in a while, I get something that I think is worthwhile. Remember when I posted about the Snubnose’s singing efforts here? Well, now after a lot of hesitation, I am putting up the videos.

She’s not the next Christina Aguilera for sure, but I liked the efforts she put into singing these songs. I hope you like them too.

Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley and

Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

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  • She’s cute!! And i love taking videos of kids too.. The first time my niece yawned.. Wow.. that was too cute to be described..

    • @sweety: hahah, you must be a lovely aunty. Babies yawning are adorable…according to me babies doing anything are adorable 🙂

      • 🙂
        Agreed!! Babies + anything is cuteness overload

  • So cute! loved the videos.
    By the way, I dont like this new blog theme and the colors are too bright I feel.

    • @Ava: I’ve changed my theme now. But, I confess I am liking the bright colors, and the boldness. For now, I make you happy, but I might just go back again 🙂

      Sigh, I never can make up my mind what my blog should look like.

    • @Ava: Btw, what do you view my blog on: desktop, laptop, iPad? What browser? I am curious because this theme I am currently using displays decently on one, but absolutely hurts my eyes while using my iPad. So…just curious what you use

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