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What I got from @RHIndia thanks so much @rukunk I know I'm going to love them

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Last week, Random House India sent over the following books:

  • The Bat by Jo Nesbo – After a wonderful reading experience with Stieg Larsson’s Lizbeth Salander trilogy (see my reviews here, here, and here), I’m back for some more Scandinavian crime fiction. I’ve heard good things about Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series and I can’t wait to get started with The Bat – the first book in the series.
  • Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs – I’ve read a couple of later books in the Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs, but I hate reading books out of order as I am never vested in the character or story. So, here I am going back to the beginning of the series.
  • The Source by Ursula James – This book is a bit of a wild card for me. A book about magic that you can perform to improve your life? Sounds flaky, but after a rather stressful year and generally being in the dumps overall, maybe a little self-help book about bringing positivity into your life may do the trick? I sure hope so.

So, I’m pretty excited about the books I got. What books did you get and what are you looking forward to reading? Have you read any of the books I received?

  • I loved the Stieg Larsson Millenium trilogy! You got me interested in ‘The Bat’ now. Will check out your reviews for those 3 books.

  • Deja Dead is good. Enjoy!

    • @mari: Thanks for visiting and commenting. I just finished this book and it’s pretty thrilling stuff. I enjoyed it very much 🙂

  • New to me. Enjoy all the reads. Looking forward to your thoughts on the Nesbo book.

    • @Mystica: The Jo Nesbo is not bad. I was expecting something on the lines of the Michael Connelly Harry Bosch series (have you read them? They’re terrific) and I think I have got a watered down version. I do think that the later books will be a lot better.

      I am running a little late on book reviews, but I think my review should be out sometime next week.

  • Havent read or heard about any of these. Will wait for your review 🙂

  • I haven’t read any of these yet but the thrillers sound good.

  • Looks like you’ll be in for some thrilling reading!

  • Ooh, a Nesbo and a Reichs – you’re in for some good reading!

  • Congrats on receiving The Bat. I’ll keep an eye out for this one!

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  • Nice thrillers; hope you enjoy them.

  • I haven’t read any Jo Nesbo yet, but I loved Stieg Larsson’s books too. Enjoy your reads!

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