Wordless Wednesdays: Snubnose Attempts Her Version of a Matisse

  • and wishing that my daughter will grow up to have some talent like this…these paintings are really wonderful

    • @Elizabeth: I think all children are blessed. Give her colors and paper at a really young age, and send her to art class by 3-4.

      Snubnose is not more talented or anything like that. You won’t believe it but her class mates in her art class produce just as good (if not better) art pieces.

      80% is the training, 10% is her hard work, and 10% is her talent and interest.

  • snubnose do have some talent !!! probably you should see that she doesn’t lose it between the studies

    • @Elizabeth: more than studies, it’s other distractions like friends and TV that gets in the way. I am really trying to get her to focus but of late it’s getting more and more difficult. Also I have less time to focus on her these days, and she takes full advantage of it 🙁

  • Liz

    These are lovely.

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  • Chinoiseries

    Little Matisse 🙂 Did Snubnose cut out the shapes herself?

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