Favorite Valentine Day Movies and Books


First of all, wish you all a happy Valentine’s day/belated wishes depending on which part of the world you live in.

Wish you all a happy Valentine's Day

Wish you all a happy Valentine's Day

I have read some blog posts about people’s favorite Valentine Day reads and thought I’d like to list my favorites too…

The only thing is I can think of more movies that I like to watch than books I like to read. My husband is not a big reader, so when I read it is a solitary activity but movies are different. We can both get to watch together and enjoy a shared experience. That is of course, if we both enjoy the same type of movies (not always the case).

Anyways, here is a list of my top 3 romantic (to me) movies that I love to watch over and over…

  1. Life is Beautiful – Such a wonderful movie and so full of love – romantic as well as paternal.
  2. Jerry Maguire – I think Tom Cruise looked his best in this movie, plus that awww-inducing cutie be-spectacled little boy and Renee Zellweger…all at the top of their game. Love it always.
  3. Bridget Jones’s Diary – Probably the only conventional romcom that I like/let alone love. Probably because I adored the book so very much. All the lead actors are great, and Hugh Grant is especially great as the sleazy boss. Am I the only one who thinks he makes a better sleaze ball than a romantic lead?

When it comes to romance in books, it is much harder for me to create a top 3. Mainly because I tend to like romance novels based on the author’s writing style. So, here I list my top 3 romantic authors.

  1. Georgette Heyer – I love how she does historical romance with massive doses of humor and satirical commentary and minus the bosom-heaving sex scenes.
  2. Jane Austen – For the same reasons as above. Just wish she had written more books though.
  3. Victoria Holt – Because I like romance with a spice of mystery and danger. Her books are standard gothic romances.

I have to add that Gone with the Wind – the book and the movie are one of my all-time favorites.

What are your favorite romantic books/authors and movies?

What romantic books/movies do you loathe? For me, the answer is easy.

In books, I hate Barbara Cartland, and books in which rape plays any sort of part.

In movies, pretty much any standard Hollywood/Bollywood fare that is released during Valentine’s Day time period, and pretty much any romantic movie starring Sandra Bullock/Jennifer Aniston/Jennifer Garner.

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  • Good lord! I would never have known aabout Barbara Cartland if my lovely friends didn’t decide to “gift” it to me. XD
    Trashiest books EVER.

  • I would put “Life if Beautiful” at the top of my list too. I’d also include “Dr. Zhivago” and “The Piano.”

  • Saw 3 lovely movies on V-day: Casablanca, Love Story and Gone with the wind. Of course, it goes without saying that the the other movies mentioned in your blog deserve due credit.

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