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Since I have traveled so much of late, I decided to take up the Traveler Quiz, and this is my result:

I travel like Rick Steves !
Rick Steves

You are a total pro at travel, even though you’ve long given up on the idea of blending in with the locals. Your day ends right after dinner, but you’ll always be the one your friends come to for advice.

What type of traveler are you?
Take BootsnAll’s Travel Quiz to find out.

OK, fine but who the hell is Rick Steves!!!

Psst, this is my second sleepless night in a row. High and buzzed on painkillers, and all set for a painful physical therapy session tomorrow. Yup, my RSI is back!!! Trying to distract myself by blog updates/commenting/reading books…my own personal readathon 🙁

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  • Carol Wong

    Will need to take the test. I have watched a of Rick Steves. He is a friend of one of my friends,

    Two sleepless nights for me too but for different reasons, 1st night thunder and lightening and my husband slept through all of it. Last night, I thought I took my pill for RLS but hadn’t. About the sleep part, I am there with you!

  • Rick Steves!!! He’s a master travel writer, TV travel series guy!!! …old school.
    I got Bear Grylls…
    Good post, John

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