I Write Like Who??

Pretending This Quiz Result Does not Exist :D

Pretending This Quiz Result Does not Exist 😀

I took up this amusing quiz that lets you know your writing style. I love such quizzes, so I bunged in my review of the Black Ice to find out that…

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Now I wasn’t really expecting to be compared with Shakespeare or anything like that. My writing skills are pretty modest, but Dan Brown is so my not-favorite author :(, it’s embarassing enough to make like an ostrich and hide head in sand.

Did anyone else take this quiz? What were your results? I would love to know…

  • Kat

    I got Stephen King… okay.. lol.

  • I also got a lot of different authors, but mostly, David Foster Wallace! I don’t know if I should be happy or sad — he was a brilliant writer, apparently, but a maniac depressive! Oh, and when I put in my review of Twilight and New Moon, I got Stephanie Myer! LOL!

  • Nishita, I’m going to pretend I NEVER heard of this quiz, the first time I got H P Lovecraft (?), then Dan Brown, THEN Stephanie Meyer. I should have quit when I was ahead :S

  • dmanji

    First time it said Mario Puzo and next time with a different piece it said Douglas Adams … I didn’t dare to experiment with anymore 😀

  • I also got the same result!!! The only book that I have read of his is Deception point!!! I can’t relate to his writings!!

    Nahin!!! This analyser is Dan brown’s promo tactic 😉

  • I got Dan Brown too. My first try gave Douglas Adams. 😀

  • 🙂 I pasted my recent blog post and the result — David Foster Wallace.

    Depressing 😐

    But I got a huge kick. Wallace holds top slot in my favourites’ list, next to Hunter S Thompson and Kurt Vonnegut.

  • I put in a review that I wrote that could not have been farther from Dan Brown in terms of style and yet that’s who they gave me too! So then I put in a different writing sample and was like David Foster Wallace. So either the quiz is busted or my writing is WILDLY inconsistent. I think you know which one I’m banking on…

  • I got David foster Wallace..never had heard of him before ! a bit of googling told me that the poor guy was a certified wacko.. why am i not feeling pleased now 😉

  • I believe Margaret Atwood tried this and turned out to write like Stephen King. :p

  • I also took this quiz and was excited to get the result – James Joyce. Then I took it again with different a writing sample and got Dan Brown, to make a long story short I took it 10 times and got 10 different writers! You write like yourself, nice blog!

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