The Black Ice – A Book Review

The Black Ice by Michael Connelly

The Black Ice by Michael Connelly

I hope I am not boring all you folks with my obsession with Michael Connelly. I do read other authors, I swear!

In fact, I think I am boring myself as well with my reading choices. To shake things up a bit and break the monotony, I loaded myself with classics from the library last week. Yes, heavy duty ones, and I am now just hoping that I will have the time to really do justice to these massive tomes I have so ambitiously checked out.

Anyway on to this review.

What is The Black Ice all About:

This book is the second one in the Harry Bosch series.

And from the start of the book, it is very obvious that the writer is just feeling his way through the character of Harry Bosch and the direction this series is going to take.

There is nothing specific I can point out. However, a certain self-assuredness and confidence is lacking in the writing. The book rambles where it should not ramble and tightens up when the reader longs for more description or explanation.

The plot itself is vintage Connelly. A narcotics cop is found dead with his head blown off in a seedy hotel – an apparent suicide. Soon, it becomes clear that this suicide is anything but apparent. Investigations into the dead man’s past brings about troubling revelations about a good cop gone wrong, and a wounded man obsessed with his past.

Harry Bosch in charge of a separate murder investigation finds that the trail of his murderer leads to the dead man and his past.

The investigation then moves to Mexico, and a drug lord there, before ending in an exciting shootout, and a twist in the tale.

My Thoughts: This is a good, solid book. However, it does not come close to some of the better books that come later on in the series.

I did like the insights into Harry’s past, and liked reading about the beginning of his relationship with Sylvia Moore – the dead cop’s widow. She makes regular appearances in a couple of other books (The Concrete Blonde, for example). She seems a nice person, but I really wish that Harry chose someone livelier. All his girlfriends seem to be so intense and driven that the relationships seem really heavy going.

All in all, a pleasant few reading hours, but nothing to write home about. If you are starting the series with this book, expect the later books to me more fast-paced with taut plotlines.

Btw, if you are curious about the order of the Harry Bosch series, here it is:

  1. The Black Echo
  2. The Black Ice
  3. The Concrete Blonde
  4. The Last Coyote
  5. Trunk Music
  6. Angels Flight
  7. A Darkness More Than Night
  8. City Of Bones
  9. Lost Light
  10. The Narrows
  11. The Closers
  12. Echo Park
  13. The Overlook
  14. 9 Dragons

Enjoy 🙂

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