So Dhoni Eventually Broke all our Hearts

Dhoni's Wedding to Sakshi Rawat

Dhoni's Wedding to Sakshi Rawat

The news channels have been all abuzz with the news of Dhoni’s sudden wedding. He married his long-time girlfriend Sakshi Rawat this weekend, in a very hush-hush ceremony.

Of course, once the media got wind of it, it was total media chaos…to the extent that Wimbledon and the FIFA World Cup receded into the background. But, you know…TV and newspaper coverage is so bland nowadays that I decided to skip the news coverage altogether and just check out people’s comments on Twitter – my favorite guilty pleasure these days.

Here are a few that got a chuckle out of me:

  • creatitwitty Sakshi’s wedded name will be SMS Dhoni. Aircel, see a business idea there?
  • MS04_instyle: Apparently #Dhoni got married in a hurry because he misread #Bharat Bandh as Baraat Bandh.
  • BeingD: #Dhoni gets #married & who does desperate #CNN-IBN interview? The owner of the “Ghodi” involved! Just imagine if that mare could speak!
  • sushantsahoo: for a moment I was shocked to learn that #Dhoni got married to Rakhi Sawant, only realize it was #SakhiRawat and not Rakhi Sawant 🙂

And quite a few more…shows what a jobless Monday I have spent (I think I was entitled; it WAS a holiday). And Twitter is just soo much addictive fun!

So, did any of you follow the brouhaha over Dhoni’s wedding?

Btw, for those who don’t know, he is the Indian cricket team’s captain, and was considered one of the most eligible bachelors.

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