Coorg- A Photo Essay


In some ways, our trip to Coorg was a rainy mess, but we still managed to have a great time. The rains made the place look so beautifully green and we ended up taking tons of pictures. We did have to be a bit careful because we didn’t want the rain to get into the camera. In spite of it, quite a few photos ended up with a bit too many raindrops 🙁 .

The best parts were the awesome energy by everyone in the group, the 2 kids managing to have a whale of a time together, the non-stop games of Ass in the bus. All in all, a great weekend!

Also, the snubnose was soo extremely adjustable with the completely new setting and new people, I was extremely thrilled with her behavior throughout the trip 🙂 .

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip. More are available on my Flickr page.

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  • Nice post and lovely pictures! How did you make them show up as a slide show, though? Please share!

    • @Jinny: I just used the [slideshow] short code that word press has. All you need to do is upload the pics, to your post, but don’ t insert the photos. Just save them in your gallery and click insert slideshow. Easy peasy 🙂

      If my explanation is confusing, just look at the forums/ help pages. They have an article on inserting slideshows.

  • The new blog theme looks so nice …

  • Beautiful pictures… the pictures of the monastery reminded me of the my trip 4 yrs back…it was truly awesome….

    • @Dhiman: It’s really a lovely place, isn’t it? and such an unexpected thing to see – a Tibetan monastery located in Karnataka, who would have thought it 🙂

  • Great pictures – the one of the snubnose under the bell is too cute! Looks like you managed really well in spite of the rain. When I visited Stonehenge, it was dripping, and half my grey, atmospheric, lovely pictures were spoiled by water on the lens. :/

    • @Jenny: yes, we did manage to save some of them. But if you look closely at the snub nose standing under the bell, you will see what looks like a small smudge near her feet. That was the effect of the water :(.

      This was one of the few pics where the smudge was not noticeable.

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