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Last weekend, I flew into San Francisco. I am in the US for work for 2 weeks, and I am having a pretty great time.

The cool and breezy weather here is a wonderful change after the sultry sweatiness of Bangalore. The hotel is great, the people I work with are real friendly, and in short life is pretty good.

The long hours on the flight (16 dreary hours from Dubai to SFO, which is just one leg of the journey!) were pretty dull though and I whiled away the time alternating between sleep and watching vampire stuff on the TV.

Why vampires? Because honestly, I was too beat to focus on anything, and these were movies that I could just watch with half a brain and still be able to keep track.

What did I see?

New Moon

A New Moon Tender Moment...hah!

A New Moon Tender Moment...hah!

Well, first up, I watched New Moon. I had watched Twilight earlier (you can read my thoughts on the movie here), and thought the movie wasn’t half bad. In fact, I kinda liked it better than the book.

But after seeing New Moon, I take back all my thoughts that the movie series might be any good.

New Moon is so godawful dull and boring that I actually fell asleep twice while watching the movie (not before pausing it of course!, so please don’t think I am reviewing a movie I only half saw).

Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward) never smile in the movie at all. I know the story is not a cheery one, but at least in the romantic scenes they could have looked a little happier. The few times they smile, it looks as if it actually hurts them physically. They are both very attractive, but that’s just about all they bring to the movie. Taylor Lautner (Jacob) is probably the only livewire. He is handsome, goes without his shirt for most of the movie, and can emote. The locations are beautiful, and all the wolf energy is excellent. But ultimately, this is a movie worth watching only on a plane where entertainment options are somewhat limited.

Hot, hot sexy promo pic of the main love triangle

Hot, hot sexy promo pic of the main love triangle

The Vampire Diaries

Next up, I saw the first three episodes of The Vampire Diaries. I have heard of these books written by L.J.Smith, but I had never read them. I am glad I didn’t because I watched these episodes with an open mind without thinking too much about whether it is faithful to the book series or not.

This series is a strange combination of Beverly Hills 90210 (lot of bed-hopping between a bunch of friends in high school), and Twilight (love triangle between 2 supernatural beings and a mortal girl). I loved pretty much every bit of it. The main character is Elena, a girl who is grieving over the sudden death of her parents. She falls in love with the mysterious new guy in school (no guesses for what he turns out to be). Also, there are mysterious, gruesome deaths happening in the town and no one is able to figure out who/what has caused these deaths.

Yeah, it’s all cliched vampire stuff, I know. But for in-flight entertainment, it was not bad at all. In fact, if the series ever comes on in India, I might just continue watching it to see how it all plays out. And I am definitely planning to read the books!

Anyone else watching this series? Is it better than the books?

8 Responses
  • couchpapaya
    June 4, 2010

    lol I had New Moon as in-flight entertainment too, watched the first few scenes until a never-ending montage of Bella moping in her room after Edward leaves and couldnt take it anymore!! Still in the US?

    • Nish
      June 5, 2010

      @couchpapaya: nope, I got back last week

  • Josette
    June 2, 2010

    Hey there, your blog gets more beautiful every time I come by! 🙂

    Yes, that’s just what I thought too! Bella almost never smiles in the movie though Edward does smile shyly once in a while. Haha! Man, they’ve got to be the most depressing couple ever.

    And I only just watched the first episode of The Vampire Diaries last night on TV. I have the first two books but haven’t read them yet. The show was alright and I thought Damon was hot! 🙂 He’s better looking than Stefan. I’m looking forward to watching the next episode next week or if I can find the shows online, I’ll just download them first!

    Hope you enjoy your time in the US, if you’re not already back yet. 🙂

  • Jenny
    May 28, 2010

    I can never have enough of people talking trash about the Twilight series (the books OR the films). Also, you are correct. New Moon is terrible. I do not have high hopes for the film of Eclipse either.

  • Shweta
    May 21, 2010

    Hope u have a great time in SF. But after u left the weather seems to have cooled down in South India.Cyclone and all 🙂

    I have got hold of first 2 books in Vampire Diaries series .Let me see how it goes..

    • Nish
      May 25, 2010

      @Shweta: somehow that always seems to happen to me, I wonder why that is 😀

  • Let's Read
    May 20, 2010

    You are heere… Bay area must be really nice, this time of the year.. the flight is really a bummer..

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