Of late, I have been really reading a lot of Fantasy novels, so while doing this review, I just could not help but compare this one to others that I have read. I know it is really unfair to compare novels written by different authors, but I just could not review this book in isolation.

So, deep breath and here it goes…

Magyk by Angie Sage is one of a series of Young Adult Fantasy novels.

The entire series consists of the following books:

  • Magyk
  • Flyte
  • Physik
  • Queste
  • Syren (unreleased)

and there may be more to come, I guess.

The Plot

Septimus Heap (the hero of the series) is the seventh son of a seventh son, giving him extra-strong magical capabilities. On the day he is born, he is wrongly pronounced dead by the midwife and is sent to the evil Necromancer DomDaniel who wants to keep him and train him in his path of black magic.

On the same day, his father walking back home finds a small girl child abandoned in the forest, he brings her home and raises her as his own child as advised by the ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia.

Life goes on as usual for the next ten years until the identity of the girl child is revealed and the family is forced to run away from their home. The rest of the story deals with how they manage to defeat the evil DomDaniel and get reunited with Septimus.

My thoughts on this book

This is a very sweet and charming novel. It is a fantasy novel, but varies quite a bit from the usual style that I have come to expect. The hero (Septimus Heap) is actually introduced into the story quite late in the novel. Also, he is not identified as Septimus Heap right up till the end of the novel (although it was easy to guess quite early on). This late introduction and final realization of his identity ensures that the focus of the novel is not always on him. There are numerous secondary (very charmingly written) characters who flesh out this book with all their quirks and magical knowledge.

The evil magician DomDaniel is killed in this book. Therefore, I expect the other books in the series to be dealing with different issues, and different adventures (making this a change from stories such as Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, where the bad guys are defeated after a series of books).

I liked the pace of this book. It was quite a slow, and leisurely read. The events in the book unfold fairly slowly, and I found it very relaxing to read. The descriptions of the places, the people, and the magical characters and animals was also very nice. The manner of writing really took me into their world and fired up my imagination (a very good thing in a Fantasy novel).

Last words

The style of this book is very similar to Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. I would say that this is a slightly better-written novel. Definitely a good read for people who don’t like too much violence in the story. If you liked Inkheart, you will definitely love Magyk.

The only thing I did not like about this novel is the very pretentious spelling of the word Magyk throughout the book and on the title. It almost stopped me from picking up this book at Eloor. The cover is rather beautiful, I thought.

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