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Last week was one of those weeks, a bit blah and depressing (weather also partly to blame). I was really looking forward to doing something over the weekend to kind of cheer myself a bit.

And when in Bangalore, nothing de-stresses more than a bout of shopping (especially shoe shopping).

I have been sorely in need of new shoes for quite some time now, but have been putting it off, primarily due to my shopping rules:

  • Only buy something I like (never buy anything just because it is cheap, or horror “practical” – a term, which hubby dearest uses to make me rack my imagination trying to justify my more impulsive purchases).
  • Only buy on sales

I need these aforementioned rules to keep my expenditure in check 🙂

Anyway, this weekend, VNC in Indra Nagar had a beautiful shoe sale. Beautiful ? here’s how :

  • Buy one shoe – no discount
  • Buy two – 50% discount
  • Buy three – 70% discount
  • Buy five or more – 75% discount

These kind of sales are just made for shopaholics like me. It was actually cheaper to buy two or even three shoes rather than buying a single one. There were tons of styles there that I liked, however, I just could not find the ones I loved in my size. So, after a great deal of trials and disappointments, I finally zeroed in on the two pairs below :

Pink slides

Pink slides

Beige heels

Beige heels

Coming out of the store, we realized that Bossini kids was also on sale (with the same terms as VNC). Popped in to take a dekko, and found the most adorable girl’s sweater (see below). I just fell in loooove. But, sweater costs Rs.850/-. What to do, very difficult to justify a children’s sweater for 850 bucks.

Kiddo sweater from Bossini Kids

Kiddo sweater from Bossini Kids

Simple solution, bought a pair of pants and a t-shirt also for her. With the discount, the price for all three together came up to Rs.630 bucks.

Now that is the kind of math, I like 🙂

On a more sober note, sometimes the markdowns are pretty disturbing when you think in terms of the general economic situation. Makes me wonder whether I was crazy shopping when it looks like a lot of people are holding back.

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  • Really, what are your rules ?? Pls. blog about it 🙂

  • Nice post..

    Appreciate your thoughts on the spending math 🙂

    Nice post… I can relate to it well because I am one of those who have my rules for shopping too 🙂

  • Casey

    Heyy.. wht a co-incidence – I was working on a post ’bout shoes and I see that you were thinking ’bout shoes at the same time 🙂 Tht feels real weird – 2 b honest 🙂
    Its ok da – forget the guilt – enjoy the lovelies 😀

    • heheh…good, post it, I would love to read it …and I left my guilt behind pretty fast, am wearing the beige ones to work today 🙂

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