Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la…


Potential terrorists reconnoitering Bangalore’s hotels must be quaking in their shoes at the new beefed-up security at the Leela Palace hotel.

Now, the security is so tight, you almost feel like you are going through airport security. However, Jahnavi and I did not let that dim our pleasure as we went to Leela to see the christmas tree. Advertised as one of the largest trees in Bangalore, this one was one awesome sight. And here are the photos to prove it.

After loafing around the tree, we window-shopped a little bit. Went to the Ganjam store to gape at all the magnificent diamonds. The sales folks there are really friendly and nice, even though it was quite obvious that we weren’t there to buy anything. Looked at a lot of beeeautiful stuff, stuffed our faces silly with the chocolate that they gave us, and continued on our way out.

This was definitely one of the best cheap thrills we had.

Btw…Jahnavi is wearing her new sweater that I had blogged about here. It is a little too big for her, but she will grow into it soon 🙂

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  • Hi nishikk, you are right Leela hotel has really beefed up there security because of the recent terrorist attack in mumbai hotel. Leela authority wrote a letter on the same here
    I think this case is with almost all hotel in India. At this time they need to. Anyway…. good post.

    • Thanks…good hearing back from you.

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