Six Essential Superfoods for Weight Loss


Food is everywhere.
I mean, when you think about it, you’re never too far from something you can sink your teeth into. Almost every store sells it. Your kitchen is bound to be full of it. It very well could be in your hand now reading this.

The way food is constantly advertised, it’s almost like it was just discovered. Television commercials. Billboards on your way to work. On the side of buses. Constant, in your face advertising.

Food does interesting things to our bodies. Eating too much of the wrong ones can lead to many problems: diabetes, cardio vascular disease, and obesity, to name a few.

On the other hand, there are many foods that do wondrous, super things for our bodies. Like…

Three Quarter Chinese


Three Quarter Chinese is an old and reputed restaurant located bang in the middle of the Central Business District and shopping hub in Bangalore – in Church Street. It’s also literally a hop, skip, and jump away from the M.G.Road Metro station. Perfect in terms of location. It also used to be one of our haunts for K and I back in the good old days when we worked together in the same office and would often stop by for after work dinner.

Once our offices moved out of the city though, we stopped the regular lunches and dinners there too.

So, it was lovely to visit it one weekend with Snubnose when we were invited to sample their lunch buffet options. We clubbed the lunch with a little shopping at Blossoms just down the road, and then leisurely walked into the restaurant. Seriously, the Metro is such a boon when visiting MG Road and surrounding areas – no stressful hunting for parking spots, and most shops and restaurants just a short stroll away.

Anyway back to the topic ie. lunch at Three Quarter Chinese.

Guest Post – 7 Amazing Things to do in Shimla


Haven’t you always wished to experience “utopia”? Don’t we all just want to pack our bags and spend our days living the perfect life, playing, trying new things with not a tension up our shoulder like we used to do when we were a kid? Well, there is a chance to be that curious kid again! Welcome to the land of mountains waiting to tell the story of your adventures!

There is more to the beautiful hill top than the temples and traditional mall road. Come and venture into activities which will give you goose bumps and make your heart pound faster. Yes, you are about to tick some of the checkpoints off your bucket list!

Anniversary Celebrations


The kids always expect something big for our wedding anniversary celebrations, and it’s usually pretty easy to deliver as our anniversary is just one day prior to Children’s Day in India. So, there’s always something to do.

This year, we opted to do the Sunday brunch at Limelight in Royal Orchid Hotel off Airport Road.

Don’t Overlook These Crucial Things When Traveling Abroad!


Is there anything more incredible in life than being able to book a flight, and visit a country on the other side of the planet? Travel is something everyone should do more of given a chance. It opens your eyes to different ways of life and is one of the more exciting and fulfilling things you will ever do. But when you’re traveling to a different country there’s so much to think about. Choosing your destination and booking the vacation is just the beginning. Here are some of the things that it’s important not to overlook when you’re flying to new lands.

Made With Janus Brandy


Last weekend, I was down with a very bad cough and cold. As I prepared to reach for my trusty Benadryl for some relief, K suggested that brandy would make a better alternative.

I have had a bottle of Janus Brandy in my pantry for quite some time lying unopened – ever since the Janus Brandy event, and it was definitely more tempting to have a glass of brandy than a thimbleful of cough medicine.

Self-Publishing in India via Notion Press


Notion Press contacted me recently to blog about their self-publishing services for authors who don’t want to go the traditional publishing route. Since self-publishing is quite a novel concept in India, and there is so less information about what to do and what not to do out there, I thought the services offered by Notion Press would be very useful for aspiring authors.

If I Stay


If I Stay by Gayle Forman hit very close to home for me. The story is about an only survivor of a horrific car accident.

Mia – a 17-year old girl is the only survivor in an accident where the rest of her family perished. Now in a coma in hospital, she must decide if she wants to stay (here on Earth) or go with the rest of her family.

Long Weekend in Insta-pics


This loooong weekend was absolutely action-packed, and unexpected in all kinds of ways.

For one it was a 4-day holiday and I was really looking forward to the break. But it wasn’t really a holiday as I had a major project release coming up, and we were all on stand-by for testing, quality checks, and bug fixing. So, I didn’t really think it was going to be a break as such.

Surprisingly though the long weekend ended up being fairly quiet in terms of office work (needed to go in only one day), and so the other three days were devoted to all things fun,family, and festivity.

Specifically calling out festivity because we celebrated Diwali, Halloween, Karnataka Rajyotsava, and my mother-in-law’s death anniversary (not festive, but it was a pleasant day remembering her) on the long weekend.