Buying into some quirk at Happoz


I have been on the hunt for some Game of Thrones inspired merchandise available in India for some time now. I trawled through and some other sites, but never really saw anything that I liked and that I could justify buying – as in get some use out of it. I have no interest in keepsakes, collectibles, or showpieces. Anything I get must have a use.

The Night Circus


This book has sat on my bookshelf for years. I bought it when it first came out (about five years ago?). I was charmed by the beautiful cover and the blurb, but then a reviewer whose opinions I trust was quite scathing about the book, so I left it unread all these years, until I stumbled across it while cleaning out my shelves recently. I skimmed through the first couple of pages and thought I’d give this book a try.

A Suits Guide to How Lies Can Screw Your Life Up


Well – this obviously needs no telling, does it? The main plot of Suits was based on what was a very well hidden lie until now. But besides that, the show has proven time and again(like it needs any proving) that lies can totally make your life go topsy-turvy any second, making you feel like you’re changing horses in midstream. While this entire season has been about recovering from that lie and getting Mike out, we hope that the finale ends on a happy (truthful) note!

Great ways to save money on every day items


When it comes to shopping, it can be tricky to control yourself and not just keep spending. One of the best ways to avoid reckless spending is to determine between needs and wants. What happens, though, when it gets to the point that you need to spend money on things that you do need? These kinds of items are necessary, but you still don’t want to go overboard when you spend on them. Think groceries, toiletries, and things like cleaning products. They are needed in your life for sure. It would be pretty disastrous to go without! Here are a few ideas for you. It is nice to be able to save a little on the things that you need to buy.



Piglet’s horse riding classes are going on in full steam. His initial reluctance and fears were wiped away within the first five classes, and he’s now getting confident on his seat, even eschewing the beginner ring, and instead holding his reins to control the horse.

I have also started to feel a little more relaxed about these classes. I was nervous initially because a scared Piglet can be pretty unpredictable, but the teacher was wonderful, calming him down, and riding with him until he got comfortable.

So now that I am a little relaxed, I thought I’d spend a little time honing my till now non-existent photography skills and try to capture those free horses who are not involved in the class.

Conversation between Two Friends: Know All About Super Top-Up Health Insurance


While driving towards the office, Amit was happy with the thought that he got the job in one of the leading IT companies. Flexi timings, lucrative salary package, leave travel allowance, foreign travel—all these came up with his IT job. Amit was living a happy and satisfied life with his wife Sarita, five-year-old son and parents.

Could You Be The Next Instagram Sensation? Healthy Living Tips That Will Boost Your Body And Mind


Are you an avid follower of health and wellness pages on social media? Is your search page inundated with images of rock solid abs or perfectly toned arms? If you’re more of an armchair fan than an active participant, it’s never too late to get into healthy living.

Nobody’s saying you have to post endless photos of kale smoothies or gym outfit selfies. But making some changes to your lifestyle will do your body and mind the power of good. If you’re eager to channel your favorite Instagram personalities, here are some tips to get you going. You never know. Soon, hundreds of people could be taking advice off you.

All the Light we Cannot see


I never wanted to read this book for the longest time. From all the descriptions and reviews I read online, it seemed like another The Book Thief – a book I loved, but I didn’t particularly want to read another book about children in World War 2.

I eventually caved in and got this book because all the reviews were just too glowing to ignore any longer.

Lab Diaries


I was scrolling through old photos on my iPhone a couple of days back when I found a gem. A photo of our darling Coco taken a couple of days before we decided to bring him home.

He was hanging around with his brother, and this photo of the two of them together just pulled at my heart. It was just a few months ago that he was this tiny little thing that I would carry in the palm of my hand, and who would nap peacefully on my lap while I read.