Dilli Walli Khao Galli @BarbequeNation


If you love Delhi street food, head out to the nearest Barbeque Nation immediately as they are having a fabulous Dilli street food festival going on till Sunday.

I visited last week to find out what was on offer, and as it turns out, there is quite a lot.

Four Missing Plot Points in Game of Thrones


Season 6 of Game of Thrones was a corker throwing surprises at us with every episode, and I have to say I enjoyed each one of these surprises. At the beginning of the season, when it dawned on me that this is a whole new twist on the books, I formed the grand intention of blogging about each episode, only for it to die a natural death – been too slammed with work on all fronts.

So, it was a really pleasant surprise when Kate Lee contacted me asking if she could post her thoughts on the show vs the books for posting on my blog.

My Ideal Yatra


Every year, I start by planning the ideal holiday. It usually involves perusing a number of travel blogs, visiting a number of travel booking sites, doing tons of currency conversions.

All of this is then followed by tons of wishful thinking. Maybe we will get upgraded to business or first class, maybe I will win a couple of tickets (btw, this actually happened once when we won a holiday to Sri Lanka)!



I fell in love with this cover when Penguin Random House sent me this book for review.
The picture here doesn’t do justice to it, the pink butterfly is just so much more vibrant in person. And there is a soft, velvety feel to it that almost makes you feel like you are touching an actual live butterfly.

Our weekend in Instagram Pictures


I have been contemplating a blog layout change for quite some time. I’ve generally been feeling pretty uninspired and (oh did I mention super-busy and distracted?) lately, and the blog has been suffering a bit.

I do hope that a layout and theme change helps me to be a little more active on this space. As of now, the look is still a work in progress, and things are broken here and there, but already I feel better about the blog. I think it really needs this face-lift.

Hooked on #SuitsonCC


After this season of Game of Thrones has come to an end, life meant a bleak ten months of waiting, thinking, speculating, theorising, and cursing George R.R. Martin, his publishers, and the makers of the Game of Thrones series.

Thankfully, before I started to become totally bonkers, the new season of Suits aired last week on Comedy Central, and I got to watch it in style.

Fool Me Once


Yet another one of Harlan Coben’s thrillers. He has done so many of them by now, he could do these in his sleep. The story opens with Maya attending her husband’s funeral. Soon it becomes clear that her husband was gunned down before her eyes.

Maya and her two-year old daughter now have to cope with life without him and Maya gets back to work to take care of finances. Things slowly limp back to normal.

But when a friend offers Maya a nanny cam, she sees something on the video that makes her rethink what happened to her husband. Soon Maya is off investigating trying to figure out what exactly happened.

Is Maya going nuts, or are people around her hiding a big secret?

A Quick n Easy Recipe for Aglio Olio Spaghetti


Last weekend, I was in a mood to try something new. It’s been ages since I experimented with Italian food – so much easier sticking to the tried and tested recipes that work when you have two small kids (and especially when one – our Piglet is such a picky eater).

But I was bored and wanted to eat aglio olio spaghetti which I’ve enjoyed in a number of restaurants lately, and thought of replicating it at home.