Stay Fighting fit This Summer


In order to step closer towards getting summer body, ready you’ve got to put the work in. Increasing your fitness level takes hard work, resilience, preparation, dedication and sustained effort at the gym, but it’s worth it to see your health and your happiness improve. To tone up your body, you must be willing to alter your lifestyle habits and routine if you want to see change. To stay at the top of your game, you’ve got to ensure that you’re doing the very best for your body and nourishing it at any given opportunity, so if you want to get fighting fit this summer, then engage with, and implement, as many tips and tricks as you can.

Get Active!

You know exercise is the key to shaping up and toning up, so getting active and joining exercise classes is the way forward if you want to mix up your routine. Self-defence courses are a popular way to keep fit and safe. You could start on a boxing course, or ones in martial arts like karate, jujitsu and taekwondo; all of these activities are fast paced and you’ll quickly burn calories whilst learning valuable and practical knowledge in how to defend yourself from an attack, too. Swimming is a low impact alternative to running and team sports games, so join up to swim at your nearby pool if you want to keep your exercise easier on your joints.

Get The Proper Footwear

It’s paramount that you choose the correct footwear for your work out. If you’re running or engaging in high impact sports, then you must ensure you’re wearing supportive footwear. Injury can occur if you overdo a high impact activity such as running, so be aware of the risks associated with wearing inadequate sports gear. If you’re suffering from foot or ankle pain, then your body is indicating that you’re not quite doing something right, so it’s in your best interests to visit and seek treatment from a podiatrist in California as soon as possible to avoid that problem pain becoming more of an issue and preventing you from exercising and enjoying being and out and about.


Get your daily smoothies and your ginger vitamin shots in to stave off illness and boost your immune system, but whilst doing this, make sure you’re not adding too many pieces of fruit to your mix as adding extra sugar in your diet can have adverse consequences like increased risk of weight gain, tooth enamel damage and type II diabetes. The sugar in fruit is fructose, and although it behaves a little differently to other sugars, eating too much of it can affect your health so consider using less fruit and adding more starchy and fiber-rich vegetables like kale and other greens. Adding healthy fats like the ones found in nuts and seeds, avocados and coconut oil, can help you stay fighting fit as these are digested more rapidly, and can thus start to be used as energy almost straight away. This significantly reduces the chances of the calories in these fats being stored as stubborn body fat as they’re instead being put to use quickly and effectively to energise your body.

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