Will Trump Be the Most Quoted U.S. President in History?


It hasn’t been quite a year into Trump’s presidency yet, but it feels like a single day hasn’t passed where he hasn’t been quoted by journalists at least once. Unfortunately, the quotes that Trump is being remembered for aren’t the kinds you want to be listed in history books. While Capital OTC has been following every move Trump has made from the very beginning, other news outlets have been keeping detailed lists of his most quotable lines as well. Some historians believe that many of the things that Trump has said and done will go down in history, likely for all the wrong reasons.

Fake News

No one really used the term ‘fake news’ before Trump, but now there are t-shirts and endless memes devoted to telling the real from the fake. Apparently, fake news became a thing after it was reported that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians in an effort to sway the 2016 election. While it still hasn’t been proven that Trump did anything wrong, a number of former staff and campaign members have been subpoenaed, indicted, deposed, and formally charged by the FBI. Trump, as well as many of his supporters, have taken to calling any news outlet who reports facts that might not be complementary to the president as being perpetrators of fake news. This is probably not a trend that Trump wants to go down in history for.


Okay, so this next quote is one that was written rather than said by the president-elect, but it is still quite memorable. Quite frankly, no one really knows what ‘cofveve’ really means, but the White House simply wouldn’t admit to the fact that Trump made a typo. Looking at the word in context, it looks like Trump was referring to negative press coverage but admitting that he made an error would not be in his character at all. It’s not the type that makes this quote memorable, it’s the fact that even when there’s a glaring error in the room neither Trump nor his staff will ever admit to it.

The First 100 Days

It is correct to say that Donald Trump is a president who is going to be remembered for having a lot of firsts. He is currently the oldest sitting president to take office. He’s also the only president to be elected after having no type of political career. However, when Trump said, “I think we’ve done more than perhaps any president in the first 100 days,” he probably didn’t think anyone was actually keeping track. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but compared to past presidencies, practicing being humble might be better than bragging just 100 days in.

So, the president has coined a lot of quotes – quotes that are going to be remembered and repeated over and over again. And that’s sort of a good thing if you’re the leader of the free world. Hopefully, the quotes that Trump is remembered for in 2018 will be less shockingly humorous and more substantive.

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