How to Make a Night In a Little Bit Special


When you’re tired from work or you’re in the weekend mode and you’ve shopped until you’ve dropped, what’s next? At times like these, often the best thing to do is to have a night in and skip a night out on the town. But staying in doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy yourself immensely though.

Here’s a handful of ideas on how to make an evening more enjoyable when you feel like staying at home.

Turkey Dinner When It’s Not Thanksgiving

It’s a shame in many ways that we usually only eat turkey once or twice a year. It’s an exotic bird that doesn’t taste at all like chicken and is easy to spruce up with little extras and accouterments to change how each mouthful tastes.

A well-prepared turkey breast is often cooked with more ingredients than you’d think. Smoked paprika gives it a good kick along with black pepper, basil and parsley offer up herbal elements that are most welcome while garlic, a dash of flavored salt and a little olive oil finish off the preparation perfectly. If this all sounds a little too difficult, trust us when we say that learning how to cook a boneless turkey breast only means following a few simple steps.

Overindulging on Deserts

Whether the idea of overindulging on deserts means chocolate gateau cake, Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Monkey ice cream or some Dunkin Donuts, we won’t criticize. Everyone needs an off day and what better day to satisfy your sweet tooth? Ben & Jerry’s even have non-dairy ice cream variations and frozen yogurt now too.

Movie Night

What’s your favorite movie that you haven’t had time to watch in ages? You know the one. We won’t try to guess. Being able to sit down and relax for an evening of movies is great when you haven’t had the chance to do it in a long while. When you couldn’t stop to do it before, then the perfect time is now. Not into movies? OK, then a nature documentary or a TV marathon to catch-up on your favorite TV series is called for.

Of course, you can always combine things together by enjoying turkey roast dinner with ice cream for dessert while enjoying your movie night.

Game Night

When you’re partial to a game night with your friends, then getting them over to enjoy a board game, a PC gaming session over a LAN network or some competitive battles on the gaming console is a great night. Make sure someone brings over some takeout, another friend stops off for the beers and you have some snacks that everyone will love. Who’s going to say no to that?

It’s important to have nights in where you can wind down and relax. Everyone’s idea of relaxing is different though. Some people like to enjoy the company of good friends whereas other people just want to cuddle up with their loved one or their pets and recover from their busy day. It’s all good. Whichever works for you is what’s best. We all need a night off.

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