Fotor – an alternative to Picmonkey


If you are a regular Picmonkey user, you might be a little distressed to learn that it’s no longer free. If you are looking for alternatives, then may I suggest Fotor – a free online image editing tool?

I have been using Fotor for much of my image editing needs for the blog, and it does the job perfectly. It’s also very simple and intuitive to use for someone who doesn’t necessarily have a lot of design experience.

Here are some things you can use Fotor for.


All my blog collages are created using Fotor. Because Fotor offers so many collage options, it makes it super-easy for me. I just need to drag and drop my images into the collage, and the images automatically take the shape of the collage. No resizing or tweaking required.

Creating collages in Fotor

Creating collages in Fotor

Instagram photos

Apart from the collages, I also use Fotor for my Instagram photos. I have run through all the Instagram filters, and now find them very boring and common. In the past year, I’ve been using Fotor more and more, and have been using Fotor’s effects almost exclusively on my Instagram feed.

In Fotor, I use the 1-tap enhance feature to automatically enhance my photos before going on to select an appropriate filter. The filters in the Classic set are my favorite, and the best part, they are free to use.

Fotor's filters

Fotor’s filters


Another thing I use Fotor for is to design cards. I am currently in the middle of creating Halloween-themed stuff for the kids. And even though I have absolutely zero design talent whatsoever, I could still get started with the text and the colors. Here is a sample of what I could make.

Trick or Treat signs

Trick or Treat signs

Fotor has an extensive library of fonts and stickers, which makes creating these simple looking signs a breeze.

Facebook,Twitter, Blog header images

This is another thing that’s super easy to do in Fotor. Simply select a template you like, replace the standard images with those of your own, and write up some text. You have created something in minutes.

Creating Facebook covers

Creating Facebook covers

So these are the most common uses I have found for Fotor.

What apps do you use for your day to day visual editing needs? I know a lot of bloggers who use Picmonkey. When Picmonkey became a paid app, there was a lot of consternation all around. So, I am here to say not to worry 🙂 . The free version of Fotor can do practically all that Picmonkey can do. Here’s a summary of everything that you can do with the free version of Fotor.

  • Top Features: edit, collage, cover, beauty, cards
  • Photo editing features: 1-tap enhance, crop, rotate, basic, fine-tune, color, curves, resize
  • Additional effects: Auto effects, frames, stickers, text

Pretty sure you won’t need anything beyond this 🙂 .

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