Turn Any Old Garage into an Improved Living Space


Whether you’ve just closed on your dream home or you’ve been in the same place for years, home improvement ideas are bound to pop up from time to time. Finding the right balance between storage, utility, and living space is one of the biggest challenges – particularly in older and smaller homes – as you grow into your home.

Some homes are designed with an excess amount of space in one area (i.e. storage space) and not enough actual, livable space. Garages and basements are one key example of this. Whether you’re car-free or merely feel like the space would be better as a fully-functional addition to the home, it’s easier to transform these dull, drab rooms than you’d think.

Let’s look into some simple solutions for quickly transforming that old adjoined or stand-alone garage into a welcoming living space!

Dealing with the Floors

One of the most noticeable aspects of any garage is the floor – it’s generally lower than the rest of the house and most feature bland concrete slabs. If you’re wanting to truly transform the garage into a living space, you’re going to need to tackle the flooring issue first.

You can start by raising the floor itself if it is a recessed one – that way it doesn’t stick out from the rest of the home in terms of its floor level. From there, you’ll want to install one type of flooring or another.
If you’ve put something like granite garage floors in prior, then you might be a bit hesitant to make any changes here. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but transforming a room of the home into something fundamentally different does take time, money and sacrifice.

Wiring and Plumbing

Depending on how big your current garage is and how well-equipped it is, your next task may turn to installing the wiring and plumbing features found in any home. Most garages already have electricity, but some additional electrical work (outlets, fixtures, etc.) may be needed.

If the space is large enough that you’re thinking about adding an additional bathroom, then you’ll need to plan ahead. The cost of converting a garage increases by thousands of dollars when the addition of a bathroom is considered.

Walls and Insulation

Another huge part of converting any garage into livable space is to insulate and put up natural walls. With at least one side of the room, you’ll have to decide what to do with the garage doors. Leaving them in place is a cheaper option, but replacing them entirely will give your room a more natural feel.

Insulation – on the other three walls at minimum – will also need to be considered. In many cases, garages are not as insulated as the rest of the home. This means you’ll need to decide how best to protect the new room from the elements.

There are several big elements that anybody has to consider when planning on a garage conversion. Depending on the size, scope and extent of conversion, transforming a garage can be anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, the added square footage in the home can dramatically improve its overall value and pay for itself in the long-term.

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