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On Sunday, Max Fashions launched the sixth edition of Max Kids Festival 2017 at Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore, and it was such a blast. I went with Snubnose for this event because she’s always interested in all-things crafts. Besides, the event was being conducted by DIY Robb – the extremely popular YouTuber whose shows she follows obsessively.

When we reached the venue, we were stunned at the crowd that had gathered there. This event was not heavily advertised but still there were almost 200 kids at the venue looking all excited and ready to get started. Turns out that a lot of the crowd was through casual footfalls – parents with kids strolling around the mall had to face full-on tantrums if their kid was not allowed to take part in the event.

Enthusiastic kids at the event

Enthusiastic kids at the event

After enrolling the kids, us parents just hung around for the next couple of hours waiting for the kids to get done. I ended up chatting with a lot of parents, and we all collectively marveled at how so many small kids (some just 4 or 5) sat patiently doing their craft activity.

The theme of the activity was upcycling – teaching the kids to co-create various objects like beatles made from plaster of paris, foam stamps and a shark pop-up card using waste materials.

I couldn’t take any photos of Snubnose herself as she was right in the back. However, that didn’t stop her from following along with Robb’s instructions. The team had put up a huge monitor so that even the kids in the back could see what was happening and copy Robb’s steps. There were also plenty of volunteers on hand to help the smaller kids with the cutting and pasting.

DIY Robb talking at the press conference

DIY Robb talking at the press conference

Robb, who has been working with children for over a decade, said at the press conference before the event:

Today’s kids are intelligent and are tomorrow’s thought leaders. It’s important for us to teach them the concept of “Upcycling”. It’s about creating something new , useful and of higher value using discarded objects. I think this festival is one of a kind, because it’s not easy to find a platform where children get an opportunity to learn and have fun together. I really thank Max Fashion for being so encouraging and supportive to the kids around the country.

I have to say I agree with him. Considering the crowds, this event so easily could have gone out of control. Thanks though to the large number of volunteers on the scene, the setting up of a large monitor, and Robb’s charisma – all combined together to make this a very enjoyable event for the kids.

I know Snubnose came out of the event fully satisfied. We finished catching up over all the things she did over an ice-cream or two, and it was the absolute perfect ending to a great day.

Lovely ice-cream cones to end the day

Lovely ice-cream cones to end the day

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