Posh Villas at Prestige Glenwood


Last weekend, I was invited over to visit Prestige Glenwood – an independent housing community in Budigere. As any true-blue Bangalorean knows, real-estate is always a topic of interest, and so like any other Bangalorean, I accepted an invite to go visit the property and discuss it here on the blog.

Budigere is also one of the hottest up and coming real estate destinations in Bangalore, and so I was curious to give it a visit, and see what the area is like.

Short Description

Prestige Glenwood is spread over 15 acres of prime land, at Budigere Cross, off Old Madras Road, near Prestige Tranquility. Prestige Glenwood is about 20 Kms from M.G.Road. Prestige Glenwood is a residential development of 116 villas and twin houses.

Location of the property

Location of the property

The location is admittedly a little far out from the center of the city, but it is very convenient for people working in the IT hubs in Hebbal, Whitefield, and Outer Ring Road. In addition, the small-ish two lane Budigere main road is all set to be widened to a four-lane road. So, access to this place is only going to get easier. The Bangalore International Airport is also convenient from this location. It’s a direct road almost all the way to the airport. You easily bypass the heavy traffic on the Outer Ring Road almost up to the airport. There is also an SEZ (Special Economic Zone) planned close by, so if you are wondering how fast the speed of development will be, I think you can safely rest easy – it should be quite fast.

Beautiful Surroundings

If you have a hankering for pristine natural surroundings, fresh air, and open land around where you live, Prestige Glenwood is the place for you. Surrounded by mango orchards and vineyards, it is a beautiful, idyllic area (although with real estate, you never can know how the place will develop).

The space within the layout is also generous – with wide open roads, a ginormous swimming pool, plenty of greenery and running around space for the kids.

Lot of recreation opportunities

There is a massive clubhouse that caters to a large number of interests – a gym, a party hall, yoga room, a children’s room, a snooker room, and a bridge table. For the outdoorsy type, there is a huge swimming pool, a toddler splash pool for the itty-bitties, and a tennis court.

What about the houses?

We were escorted around a model villa. Admittedly, it is one of the larger ones available with four bedrooms – one on the ground floor, and three on top.

Unlike a lot of establishments that skimp on the bedroom side, I am happy to note that the bedrooms are large, and full of light. They also have a generously sized balcony terrace on the first floor, and another terrace on the roof of the building.

There is a good amount of gap between one villa and the other, giving enough room for privacy. The ground floor is also good, although I found the living and dining rooms a little on the smaller side. The kitchen is good too, and the one we visited also had a servant area attached to it.

The houses of course are of different categories, and there are variations in the size and number of bedrooms. From the outside though, they all have a uniform look giving a lot of symmetry to the overall look.

Very neat, uniform, and symmetrical appearance

Very neat, uniform, and symmetrical appearance

Offer available currently

Currently Prestige offers the following interest rates on fully built houses on any of its Prestige properties:

  • 3.99 % interest if you opt for a 10-year term period
  • 4.99 % interest for a 15 years loan tenure, and
  • 5.99 % interest for a loan period of 20 years.

This offer is expiring soon (February 12th), so if you have been looking to buy property, now is the time to investigate Prestige Constructions, and see what they have available.

For more information, call toll-free on 1800 313 0080 or log on to www.prestigeconstructions.com/offers.

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