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I have been on the hunt for some Game of Thrones inspired merchandise available in India for some time now. I trawled through and some other sites, but never really saw anything that I liked and that I could justify buying – as in get some use out of it. I have no interest in keepsakes, collectibles, or showpieces. Anything I get must have a use.

When Happoz contacted me asking if I was interested in collaborating with them, I went online and checked out their goodies, and I was thrilled to find the coolest and useful Game of Thrones goodies on there.

Most of the Game of Thrones stuff is in the form of cell phone covers and water bottles (or sippers as they call it). Always useful, am I right?

While I was browsing through their site, Piglet happened to stroll past and immediately pounced upon the panda mug and insisted he had to have it. So sadly I gave up on all their really interesting stuff (was particularly keen on the Jon Snow sipper), and instead ordered up the panda mug, which Piglet won’t use anyway. With our butter-fingered Piglet, we stick to tumblers.

They have some lovely phone covers as well. Predictably, I liked their floral options.

Well, after ordering, the mug arrived at my office address on a Saturday when I was in to catch up on work (all these bandhs and public holidays in Bangalore have really wrecked my deadlines).

I immediately mixed myself a hot cup of tea to cheer myself up.

A bit of cheer in a mug

A bit of cheer in a mug

Overall, I liked the collection they have now. It’s a small collection, but I found something to like in all the different categories they have.

Check out some of their stuff such as their coffee mugs. I think you will like them.

I know I am definitely going back to buy their water bottles soon.

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