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Snubnose has derived her latest art work from the style of the artist Thota Vaikuntam.

Snubnose's Vaikuntam

Snubnose’s Vaikuntam

His paintings mostly capture the simple lifestyle of villagers and a few of them are portraits of normal every-day people.

An example of Vaikuntam's work

An example of Vaikuntam’s work

Some characteristics that Snubnose has picked up are the religious marks on the forehead, and the exaggerated longish eyes. Snubnose has gone one step further and one of the eyes juts out quite a bit from the face.

Still, in spite of the flaw (and I am not sure it actually is one) I really love her work. Also, the dark tones she has used are something new to her. She usually sticks to bright colors that you can see from a mile away. I like this change in style even if it doesn’t photograph very well. The photo came out quite dark and I didn’t really take too much pains post-processing the shot, so sorry about that.

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  • dreamzandclouds

    she is getting better & better everyday…I would love to get some of her work on my walls one day 🙂

    • Nishita

      Thanks @dreamzandclouds 🙂

  • Such a beautiful picture by Snubnose. I don’t think the photo came out bad. I agree with you below – you should consider opening an Etsy shop. 🙂

  • She’s just so talented! Love it!

  • The Bride

    When I was on this road to buying myself a piece of “serious” art, he was one of the artists I really liked. But I think I like Snubnose’s variation better! Maybe I should buy a Snubnose original?

    • Nishita

      @disqus_n8id8gueu6:disqus haha, we should probably open an Etsy store 🙂

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