What I Drooled Over but Didn’t buy Last Week


The insomnia of the last few years has disappeared this year. Maybe it is the excitement and challenges of a new job, or the tiring commute across an extremely short but incredibly traffic-logged part of Bangalore, or possibly that Piglet has started sleeping alone through the night finally at the ripe old age of 3 (no more midnight tuck under mama’s arm, which though pleasant is not good for my upper back and shoulder issues). Whatever the reason, I’ve enjoyed a good night’s sleep for the past few months – no more late-night/early morning blogging marathons, or online shopping. Until last week that is.

Last week there was a minor health hiccup with my FIL. He had some discomfort in his chest area, and so after giving him some meds and watching over him for some time, I realized I was wide awake and not likely to sleep anytime soon.

His health condition was just some mild digestive discomfort from eating too much birthday cake (he recently turned 84). But since heartburn is usually in the chest area, complaints of chest pain always have me worried.

Anyway, I ended up surfing the web browsing all my old virtual shopping addas, and found tons of great stuff (both high and low-end) that I’d love to add to my wardrobe. And since I’m on a shopping ban (after a big birthday splurge last month), I thought I’d just showcase some of the stuff I loved for me (and you hopefully) to enjoy virtually 🙂 .

The Pink Bag

I don’t know whether this is a trend or not, but I saw tons of hot pink bags available in all colors and sizes. The ones that caught my eye though were these smaller cross-body versions.


I am not sure whether I like the hot fuchsia look on the left, or whether I prefer the milder baby pink on the right. All right, I lie. I love the fuchsia on the left, but since it’s a Celine and way out of my price range, I might just have to settle for the one on the right from Cambridge Satchel Company even though I suspect those buckles will rapidly become annoying. However, these bags often go on sale, sometimes for as much as 50% off, and that makes it a real bargain in my opinion. You can also get these bags monogrammed for a small fee, which really appeals to the narcissist in me.

Running shoes

I have shredded my old Asics to bits pounding the pavements this year, and I thought a running shoe would be a more practical buy instead of yet another handbag. With that in mind, I sadly closed the tabs on the bags and googled for sensible running shoes. Here are my two choices.


Both shoes are in my favorite color scheme of grey, black, and white. The Nike one is a Nike Eclipse II model for women and is freely available online. It is the more practical running shoe, but my heart also beats for the one on the right. It is a shoe from Native. This is definitely not a running shoe, but I love the perforations. It’s just perfect for warmer days.

But the one shoe that really has me drooling doesn’t have to do with running at all. I have seen the animal print play out on all manner of clothes and accessories, but the best version I have seen are on these flats that I saw on polyvore.

Sadly they are sold out everywhere.

And so I went back to the bags. The next couple of days, I was still seeing pink, and so I decided to give in and try the baby pink satchel from Cambridge Satchel Company, when my daughter walked past, and squealed in joy when she saw the bag on the screen.

That’s when I realized, I am probably thirty years too old to be carrying a baby pink bag 🙁 . This will probably be better as a birthday gift for Snubnose when she turns 10.

With that in mind, I closed my shopping tabs again. I will probably just stick to the running shoes 🙁 . And thank goodness, Snubnose gave me a reality check in time before I bought the bag. Phew! What an escape!

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