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While many of us are always trying to move forward into the future, a lot of people don’t want to let go of the past. People everywhere have a fascination with eras gone by. It doesn’t matter whether they were alive during those periods or not. If you know someone who’s a history buff or even just enjoys days gone by, you have lots of options when it comes to buying them a gift. Anything from antique toys to vintage clothes could go down well with people who love the past. Try some of these suggestions to make them happy on the next special occasion requiring a gift.


Books have been around for centuries, and you’ll find them covering all sorts of topics. From religious tomes to classic fiction, there are thousands of texts that your history loving friend might enjoy. If they have a favourite author, you can try looking for any early edition of one of their books. But remember that they can get expensive! Another option is to find something about the era they’re interested in. Find them a book by the top historian for that period or have a look at the historical fiction set during the time.

Vintage and Retro Clothes and Accessories

Some people aren’t happy just reading and learning about history. They want to live it. If you know someone who likes wearing the clothes of days gone by, use that to inspire you. There are lots of vintage and antique clothes you can find that they might like to wear or even put on display. Look at auctions, antique shops and even second-hand stores. You can find modern clothes and accessories too, that aim to emulate items from the past. For example, you could buy your friend a pocket watch, a trilby hat, or a retro bag.

Museum Passes

If you have a love of history, there’s nothing better than exploring somewhere dedicated to the past. If someone you know is a frequent visitor to their local museums, give them the gift of free visits and special privileges. Museums aren’t the only places they can explore either. You can find lots of historical buildings and days out that are perfect for history lovers. Try to find a season pass for an organisation that offers entry into a number of places. That way they get more for their (or rather your) money.

Collectors’ Items

A lot of history buffs love to collect things. What they collect can vary considerably, but you’re sure to know what to get if you know your friend is a collector. Perhaps they have a room full of Dinky toys, a chest of vintage jewellery or several albums of stamps or coins. Adding to their collection is a lovely thing to do, but you do have to make sure you’re not buying them a duplicate.

The great thing about the past is that there’s a lot of it. So you should have tonnes of inspiration to buy someone a gift.

  • Destination Infinity

    Books and documentaries are the best way to discover and learn history. Museums are sometimes boring!!

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