Bringing Back Memories: Activities I Grew up With


Do you ever feel like your life is all work and no play? We live in a society that defines adulthood by a tendency to take everything seriously, so that even the things we do to keep fit are described as working out. This is not the same in every culture; studies show that places where people remain playful in adulthood have lower levels of mental health problems and often score better on physical fitness as well. Whether you are looking for something to do with your kids or you just want to have fun with friends your own age, why not give some of these classic games another try?

Hide and seek

It is a simple game but a good one, and you can play it indoors or out as long as you define the permissible hiding territory. You can even play it without moving, 20 questions style. It is great for when you are out exploring somewhere unusual. Adults find it harder to hide than kids do because they are bigger, so they need bigger hiding spaces. It is also a good idea to set a time limit after which the game is over and anybody not yet found is a winner.

Jump rope

Adults sometimes jump rope as part of a fitness training program, but it is far more fun the way we played it as kids, with complicated routines and games. If you have somebody at each end, you can create double or triple rope arrangements so anybody jumping them has to get their timing just right to succeed. Whoever can last longest is the winner.

Roller blading

If you were a fan of the original Rollerblade brand, you will be thrilled to hear that it is possible to get Rollerblade skates in a full range of adult sizes, so you can head out to the skate park. Bear in mind that you may have to practice a bit to regain the skills you used to have, and do not feel too bad if a 13-year-old outdoes you in the meantime. You can still have a great time zipping around and testing your balance.

Musical chairs

Musical chairs

Musical chairs is a great game at any age, though because adults weigh more the impact as two people leap at the same chair can be significant, so only play it if you are in good shape. The rules are simple – one person plays the music while others circle the chairs. When the music is suddenly stopped, anyone who cannot find a seat is out. One chair is removed every round. You can add an extra twist by sending players to fetch random items before they can sit down – simple things like a leaf or a mug that there are going to be plenty of, but that reward those able to think as well as move quickly.

If you have not played a game like this for a while, you will be surprised by how much fun it still is, regardless of your age. Being an adult does not have to be boring and activities that keep you fit can also be fun.

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