Going Bat-shit Crazy Over Swarovski


When things are dull or stressful, or just plain painful in my life, I have always distracted myself with either food or shopping – not a good habit I know, and I am trying my best to cut down on both, but somehow while my efforts with food have been pretty good, I can’t say the same with shopping.

One thing that I have absolutely banished from my life is online shopping.

With the start of the new year, I can proudly claim that I haven’t bought a thing online, and that has pretty much been the case offline as well. Well except for these little cutie earrings (fake and cheap bling that I don’t feel guilt about) that I got for Woman’s Day.

My cutie but cheapie earrings

My cutie but cheapie earrings

But earlier this month, mom was in town and while taking her around, I happened to stumble into a Swarovski store, and since then I have been there thrice because I just seem to want, want, want everything in the store.

Last week was Akshaya Tritiya and I justified my purchases as an auspicious one getting these lovely crystal earrings and black bracelet.

Absolutely smashing earrings

Absolutely smashing earrings

This black Intervalle bracelet has not left my arm since I got it

This black Intervalle bracelet has not left my wrist since I got it last week

However, on the way out of the shop, I spotted this fab bracelet in the display case, and my head just won’t let it go. I don’t need another bracelet especially one so flashy when my general lifestyle is so low-key and basic.

The gold stardust bracelet

The gold stardust bracelet

I know I want these just to assuage this hole in my heart after the death of my friend, and I know I probably won’t wear it often enough to justify the cost but I still want it anyway.

It’s almost like I need these things to brighten up my gloomy state of mind. I mean I am not even a jewellery person, never have been, so why this sudden urge? And what happens if I lose interest after a while? Will all my purchases sit gathering dust inside my cupboard?

Sigh! I hope writing out this post with my feelings and all will help me get over this silly and rapidly becoming ridiculously expensive obsession.

How do you handle things when life just goes spinning crazy out of control?

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