Creative DIY Ideas for Snubnose

Petit Collage by Lorena Siminovich

Petit Collage by Lorena Siminovich

As a working mom of an artsy kid I always struggle to find ways to provide Snubnose with creative inspiration for fun things to do.

Now that it is summer holidays, every morning I need to give Snubnose something to do – most times I take the easy way out and tell her to read a book and write a book report for me, or I give some math problems, but I know that Snubnose is really looking for me to give her some creative direction (and which I am sadly very bad at).

Pinterest does have a lot of ideas but everything feels very random and requires a lot of late night online browsing time (time I’d rather spend reading or blogging).

However, I recently received some Amazon vouchers and while I was browsing to check what I could use it for, I stumbled upon Petit Collage.

I love how the instructions seem quite clear-cut, and I”ll admit I love the idea of a house full of such whimsical details all made from scratch by Snubnose herself.

We really need a mailbox and wouldn't it be awesome to make one?

We really need a mailbox and wouldn’t it be awesome to make one?

Instructions for Making an Animal Mask

Instructions for Making an Animal Mask

Instructions for A Cardboard Playhouse

Instructions for A Cardboard Playhouse

The author is actually a designer/artist and has her own line of designs on sale here. I love these designs and I am pretty sure Snubnose would be super-thrilled to replicate some of these at home.

I do hope it’s true that the only things required are rubber stamps, paper, and scissors. I would hate to spend for a book only to realize that I have to buy a whole lot of additional stuff also.

Have you heard of Petit Collage or this book? Those images and her book trailer are seriously tempting me to pick this up for Snubnose.

  • The peekaboo house is adorable. My friend and I were quite the craftsmen when we were kids and I admit, I am a little jealous of my younger cousins now. I mean who wouldn’t love to throw aside all their work, sit down and build a cardboard mailbox!? Lovely pictures, I’ll file this away as something I can gift my kid sisters. 🙂

    • Nishita

      @priyatabularasa:disqus I know, I am really thinking seriously about trying it at home. I haven’t actually bought the book. It seems a bit pricey, but I do have a couple of big cardboard boxes from the time we moved house, so we could experiment with that and see how it comes out.

      I am always a little envious of artsy children, they get so into it, and love it so much, but I’ve never been able to do it. I would get distracted and impatient. I see my son is like me in that aspect, just not interested in any arts/crafts type of work. He’d much rather have me read to him.

      • Oh! I didn’t realize you hadn’t bought it. Your post reminded me of one of my favourite illustrators – Keri Smith. You should check her out – she has a series of books with prompts for projects to bring out the creativity in you and just have fun making a mess. I’d only ever got one called “Wreck This Journal.” but it was awesome. Hope you have fun with your kid!

        • Nishita

          @priyatabularasa:disqus no, haven’t bought the book yet. True, it’s vouchers, but 15 dollars is still 15 dollars, although I just peeked now again and saw that it’s come down to 7 dollars now 🙂

          And thanks for the Keri Smith recco, will check her out.

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