Piglet Parties in his Pajamas


DSCN4555 Sorry for the cheesy heading for this post, but I can never resist the opportunity for a good alliteration 😉 .

Piglet’s 2nd birthday came and went without us even noticing it. Piglet was ill with a bad case of viral fever and snubnose in spite of feeling poorly was valiantly in the thick of ballet rehearsals and performances. I swear two kids is just about enough for me. I am a poor multi-tasker at the best of times, and this December it was proved to me as I really struggled between giving both the attention they needed (plus handle year-end deliverables at work).

Thankfully, a couple of days break during Christmas was all it took to arrange a belated birthday party for Piglet (mostly to salvage my conscience). Piglet couldn’t care less about it.

We also needed to get him a long overdue birthday present, and to make up for the delay, me and FIL pooled in our resources to go all out and get him a ride-on (nearly a year after we first investigated it.).

I also got him this sweet xylophone that he loves and plays with all the time. Btw, this was his choice from the store. I let him run wild and explore the stuff and see what he likes and turned out it was this 🙂 . Another reason I love Hamley’s so much, they just let kids be.

Piglet selected this xylophone as his birthday present from me

Piglet selected this xylophone as his birthday present from me

Of course, we then had to stop and take a now mandatory photo in front of the Hamley’s bus. This is something only I get enthused over, the littles were too busy playing.

Toy shopping is the best #latergram

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So after the gift, it was off to the party supplies store and bakery and we came out lugging bagfulls of stuff. That very night we wrote off the invitations, bright and early next morning snubnose went cycling to deliver all the invites, and a party was in the works. Only to get no response at all. No phone call/email/text message nothing. Only my personal friends confirmed.

Till a day before the party, I was looking at hosting a massive bash with only 3 confirmed guests 🙁 .

The day before the party I got an inkling of what had happened. Most people weren’t home when snubnose went around with the invitations, and so she just dropped them in the letterbox. Also, I had used Piglet’s actual name Hemanshu on the invites (not his nickname by which he is known everywhere).

When I received a tentative SMS asking me if Hemanshu was Piglet I realized the extent of the confusion. I immediately called up all invitees disabused them of the notion that they had received invites for a complete stranger’s party. It was amazing how their voices cleared up when I clarified that Hemanshu = Piglet. And then it was all, of course, we know, and of course we are coming 😀 .

Oh, Piglet, I knew giving you such a long name wasn’t a good idea. His nickname (which is not Piglet btw, Piglet is just his blog moniker) is nothing like his real name, and nobody (not even his school teachers) call him by his regular name.

Anyway, after the initial scare, all the kids came on time and it turned out to be a small but very sweet party. Piglet had his friends, all his friends’ elder sisters came along and gave snubnose company, so both the littles had a blast.

I am not sharing too many actual snaps of the party as I don’t want to violate other people’s privacy, so here are a few basic ones mostly featuring a happy snubnose and a somewhat bemused (but content) Piglet.

Piglet's 2nd birthday bash was a simple and sweet affair (just like Piglet himself)

Piglet’s 2nd birthday bash was a simple and sweet affair (just like Piglet himself)

We arranged a cake with one of Piglet’s long-standing literary loves – Spot embossed on top.

We got him a new dress for his birthday – a casual work shirt and a pair of cute jeans, but in all the hullabaloo of the party, I forgot to change him into it, hence the pajamas.

I have to say that Piglet was so comfortable in his pajamas (which are also new, btw, just so you don’t think he was in some stinky ole stuff), that I was quite envious of him. Partying in PJs should be the new in thing, I think.

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  • veens

    awww…. Piglet rocks them, jammies! 🙂 Happy Birthday to you… Himanshu- is a cute name btw 🙂 At that age, I think we do things more to clear our conscience; the tots generally care less 😀 If you let them eat dirt – that would be all-together a different story 😉

    • Nishita

      @veens:disqus: Oh, yeah, those jammies are my faves. I actually saw them in the girl’s section. I know I shouldn’t get pinkish stuff for him, but I can’t help it. The color suits him so well 🙂

      • veens

        You know this color thing is all man- made.. our boys need some pink and pastels in there wardrobes 🙂 And there is a NEW term for it – metrosexual ( I think) – LOL!

        • Nishita

          @veens:disqus teehee, the mind boggles when I think of Piglet as a metrosexual :). I like the idea though I do draw the line at men wearing make-up, apparently it is the next in thing according to TOI.

          • veens

            I am struggling with Aarya wanting to paint his nails yellow and purple – or whatever funky color I am wearing! Oh well, I am glad he doesn’t know make-up yet – or else I can just *see* him becoming the poster-guy for the next TOI follow-up on that topic :-/ **sigh** ( I do not use it – not yet loL!)

  • Tienh

    Oh, Happy Belated Birthday, Piglet!
    Way to go on juggling birthdays & work during the busiest time of the year, you’re amazing! I’m glad the busy season is pretty much over though… back to normal routine, yeah!

    • Nishita

      @disqus_jotNjiSB7s:disqus Thanks :), I have my fingers crossed the busy season is behind me too. I have so many new projects lined up that I want to do, but finding the time to do it is really hard 🙁

  • Annie

    Hamley’s at Christmas? What fun! I always love the nicknames you give your kids – I accidentally called my friend’s dog Bugly this morning, but it kind of fits (he’s a small Jack Russell – bug – and he’s lovely) haha. 🙂

    • Nishita

      @disqus_sUZ9c4bDjP:disqus Hamley’s at any time of the year is fine with me. The kids have such a good time. I’ve made it clear to them that not every trip means new toys and now that they get it, it’s a no pressure fun outing for everyone.

      I love that name for that dog. Bugly sounds so cute 🙂

      • Annie


  • Your kids are so adorable! Happy belated birthday to Piglet. Hope everyone is feeling better now!

    • Nishita

      @disqus_EvwuDmEW9X:disqus Thank you Jennifer. Yeah, the kids are getting better. It was a regular year-end viral. It just went on a little longer than planned because they kept cross-infecting each other 🙁

      • Those are the worst. We had a stomach bug go through the family right before Christmas but luckily everyone was recovered just in time to enjoy the holiday.

  • Jenny @ Reading the End

    Happy birthday Piglet! Partying in pajamas SHOULD be the thing. I think parties should alternate between pajamas and extremely fancy like you are going to a ball. I have several beautiful dresses that I have no opportunity to wear, and I think my friends should consider having house parties at which I might wear a ball gown.

    Despite early confusion, it looks like a good time was had by all! 🙂

    • Nishita

      @Jenny@Reading the End: Thanks for the wishes, Jenny. Partying in a ball gown does sound fancy (as long as I can kick off my heels discreetly under a chair).

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