Comfort Food: Spaghetti with Pesto


Every weekend has practically become Italian food weekend for us. We just can’t help it…there’s something so intrinsically satisfying and comforting about Italian food. No other cuisine does it for me as much as Italian. All the carbs make me a very, very happy camper :).

Bonus? Italian is so easy to replicate at home. Quick and tasty? Sign me on…

The recipe I followed is nothing novel or exciting. I was browsing in the library (and as usual I didn’t find anything interesting :(), when I saw this recipe in Cosmopolitan magazine. I did a quick look, realized I had all the ingredients at home already (except for the pine nuts), snapped this photo, and yummy spaghetti was ready within the hour. No one can say I am indecisive…at least not in food-related matters 🙂

The recipe from Cosmopolitan Magazine

The recipe from Cosmopolitan Magazine

And here’s the spaghetti on the snubnose’s plate. She lapped up every little bit of it 🙂

The finished spaghetti on Snubnose's plate

The finished spaghetti on Snubnose’s plate

Personally, when I tried it, I realized the pesto could have come out a little more liquidy. I should have added extra olive oil, but apart from that one little nit-pick, I am very happy with our quick n easy pesto. This is definitely one recipe I am repeating often.

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  • I was out of town until today, which is why I couldn’t comment over the weekend.

    I adore pesto and this one looks great. And as a side note, what a great idea to photograph the recipe. Such a time saver — I’m definitely going to use that trick.

    • Nish

      @Beth: I was all set to copy down the recipe, and then got lazy and just clicked a pic of it. Actually, made it super-easy to refer, and I didn’t have to type in the recipe for my blog post 🙂

  • Ok not really sure what happened with my comment weird link following it??

  • My youngest daughter and I both love pesto but everyone else is sort of meh… about it. I always end up doing two batches of the pine nuts because you toast them for my recipe and I get distracted and burn the first batch…every single time..

  • I made a non-dairy version of pesto and was quite pleased with it. Too bad daughter doesn’t like it, otherwise we’d eat it more often. I find that some times it’s the spontaneous meals that turn out the best.

  • I adore pesto, but my husband is meh, so I usually eat most of a batch myself. I put it on other things than pasta, too, like meat, eggs, sandwiches…Yum!

  • I make pesto at the end of the growing season from the last of the basil in my garden. There’s enough to freeze in an ice cube tray so I can take out a cube whenever I want to some — usually for something Italian!

  • That sure looks good, but I’m eating low carb for my health. I think I’ll save this recipe for one of my “free” days!

    • Nish

      @Vicki: Low carb is good, but I can never stick to it 🙁

  • Yum! We love pesto so much around here, I stirred leftover sauce into my omelet this morning. It’s great on ham or turkey sandwiches instead of mustard/mayo too.

    • Nish

      @Kerry Ann: I love pesto too…for a long time, we couldn’t find pine nuts in shops close by, and so I was stuck with buying store-made sauce. Now some selected shops stock it, and so I am gonna make and stock pesto too 🙂

  • I must try this – sounds too good to be true!

  • I wish I liked pesto, because this would be such a simple weeknight meal.

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