I must be having food on my brain, so many of my recent posts are food-oriented.

Anyway, if food is on my mind, it definitely has to be on my blog and so here is another food-related post :).

While in Goa, my friends and I were discussing how cool it would have been to have easy food delivery options to our hotel room, which reminded me of Foodpanda. This is a great online resource to order food online. If this app was available to us in Goa, a couple of food-oriented late nights (not a good idea with tired kids) could have been avoided.

Anyway, here’s how Foodpanda works.

You just need to enter your location details in a form on their home page, and you immediately get a list of food outlets that deliver to your area. From there, you just click on to the restaurant menu, select your food, and proceed to checkout. The restaurant delivers the food to your location, and you can either pay when they deliver or online at the time of ordering.

So, easy!

I love how this infographic illustrates how Foodpanda works and its benefits 🙂

Simplicity is what Foodpanda brings to the table

Simplicity is what Foodpanda brings to the table

Some of the positives I see immediately are:

  • No more shouting through the phone trying to get your order across to someone who is unable to understand you. No more ordering something, and getting something entirely different.
  • No more getting stuck to a couple of restaurants that offer home delivery. The search through location option on Foodpanda listed a number of restaurants that I would never have considered originally.

If you live in any of the metros such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, greater Delhi area, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Jaipur, or Kolkata, you can take advantage of this app/site. I am a little bummed that Chennai is not on this list though. Hello! People in Chennai like to eat in too! Anyway, considering how user-friendly this site is, there’s bound to be a lot of expansion in its future.

They also have an app that you can use on iPhone/iPad or Android. Download the apps from here.

So, do you use Foodpanda? How do you like it? I must say I am quite impressed by the easy-to-follow website and the navigation. Really well done!

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