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Last week, we went on a short trip to Goa. When I say we, I mean only the snubnose and I. It was a girls only bonding trip with a couple of my friends and their girls. This was also the first vacay I took without K post our wedding, so another milestone for me.

This holiday was a very basic one – food, booze, friends, and lots of swimming. We had a blast :).

The last time we went to Goa, we spent it in North Goa. This time around we decided to explore south Goa’s beautiful beaches.

We went to Benaulim, Varca, Colva, and Cavelossim beaches. All the beaches are pretty, though I think we had the best time at Varca – possibly because it was the first beach we visited.

Now on to the food. I’m vegetarian and conservative, but our non-veg buddy really enjoyed the seafood everywhere we went. Here are some food recommendations if you ever head in that direction.

If you are visiting south Goa, a trip to Mobor’s Fisherman’s Wharf is essential. Located on the river with a wonderful view, with great food and dessert options, this was easily the best restaurant we visited in Goa. It can be a little on the pricey side, but very worth it. It’s a place to linger over a drink enjoying the view, while the kids can play in the little playground on the side. Seriously zen moment!

The view from our table

The view from our table

Burn off the calories at the water sports place down the road that offers banana boating, speed boating, jet-skiing, Ringo, and tons of other fun stuff. We were intrigued enough to try the Ringo and it was great fun. None of the activities were particularly child-oriented though and so the littles had to give this one a miss :(.

Ringo basically means sitting in a dinghy and getting towed by a jet-ski

Ringo basically means sitting in a dinghy and getting towed by a jet-ski

Anyway back to eating places…another great south Goan restaurant is Martin’s Corner in Betalbatim. We went here for dinner, and it looked a bit pricey from the outside (we’re on a budget, remember?), however it’s very homey on the inside. Again, good seafood from the looks of it, and great paratha, noodle, and spaghetti options for the kids. My snubnose just inhaled in all the food. So judging by that, this is a great restaurant to bring your family.

Seafood options on display at Martin's Corner

Seafood options on display at Martin’s Corner

We were a bit disappointed by Johncy’s beach restaurant, which is on Benaulim beach. Maybe our expectations were high, but the restaurant looks nothing like what is shown in the link I posted. Maybe, because it is off-season, and because we went in the night when we were dog-tired, and because of the drunk dude staring at us from his table…whatever the reason, this was the most blah place we went to.

Two top restaurants that I recommend more for the scenery than the actual food are Hawaii Garden in Benaulim and Mickey’s in Colva.

We went to Hawaii Garden twice!! It’s a lovely beach-side restaurant, the staff are laid back and relaxed, and the dogs are friendly. Now, you know the kind of restaurant I mean. On regular days, I might not be too kicked to see dogs frolicking in the restaurant, and casually walking into the kitchen, but this was a holiday and the dogs were super-cute and friendly, so it was absolutely fine by me.

Relaxing in Hawaii Garden

Relaxing in Hawaii Garden

If you want the scenery, but would prefer something a little more upmarket, then Mickey’s (off Colva beach) is the place to go. Unlike the regular restaurants off over-crowded Colva, Mickey’s is located in a little lonely and more picturesque beach setting. Perfect picture op material.

On the deck at Mickey's

On the deck at Mickey’s

A couple of other nice restaurants that we visited were Cavatina in Benaulim. It felt a bit more upmarket compared to the others we visited. The food was good though. My usual unadventurous me enjoyed my sweet corn veg soup and schezwan fried rice, but snubnose loved the spaghetti, and the others loved the seafood paella. It’s a very nice place, but unfortunately we were not hungry enough to do justice to it.

Gaylin in Margao was touted as the best Chinese place to go to in Margao. It supposedly serves up Chinese-Chinese food as opposed to Chinese-Indian. Honestly, it seemed like any ole regular Chinese joint we have in Bangalore. The food was nice, and reasonably priced, the service was quick, which I appreciated because we had a train to catch.

So yeah, if I ever come back to this part of the world with K, I will definitely recommend that we visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Cavatina, and Mickey’s. Those were the best places, which I highly recommend.

All tanned and happy at the end of our trip

All tanned and happy at the end of our trip

  • Nims

    very nice post, I just shared in my twitter also. I wrote about South Goa sometime ago, hope I did justice to it

    • Nishita

      @disqus_hQKOCeYHE0:disqus Thanks for commenting and sharing. Will go check out your blog 🙂

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  • Nice post. Reminded me of our trip to Goa and wishing to go again 🙂

  • Helpful article…thnks

  • Nice one Nish! Looks like you had a blast! I will keep your recommendations in mind.ava

    • @Ava: Yeah, it was a blast 🙂

  • It seems to me you had a lovely holiday out there in Goa! What did you eat beside the corn soup and the stir-fried rice? Not so much a vegetarian haven? 🙁 I wonder what Chinese-Indian is like, probably better than Chinese-Indonesian – which is pretty much standard here in the Netherlands, maybe more curries?

    • @Tze-Wen: Chinese-Indian is spicier compared to regular Chinese options and very, very Indianized, I believe. There are also a lot more vegetarian options. At work, we took a couple of Chinese visitors out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant (to make them feel less homesick), and they couldn’t recognize half the dishes on the menu!

      Goa does have decent vegetarian food, but if you are a seafood lover, then you will really love it. They have a variety of cuisines though – Italian, Indian, and chinese food so there is something for everyone

      • So yes, much better than Chinese-Indonesian (which includes satay, lots of it). Not sure whether Italian would be my first choice when in Goa, but at least there’s the option 🙂

        • @Tze-Wen: Italian is one of the safer options for vegetarians as the local Goanese food is heavily fish and pork oriented. The Italian is not bad, and the kids are always up for pasta, so it’s easier to just order for them, and eat up the left overs 🙂

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