Four Seasons Wine for a Special Occasion


K’s birthday happened last week, and I was caught with no surprise or gift in hand. Life has been just too crazy/busy + a nasty flu combined to make me forget about K’s birthday entirely. Well almost. I enlisted the snubnose’s help for a cake and a card. She, my FIL, and my nephew got a not-so surprise cake. All the whispering and giggling totally gave away the secret and K had to do some A class acting to act suitably surprised when the cake and card was brought in.

What was a surprise though was the wonderful bottle of wine sent over by the people at Four Seasons Vineyards.

Here’s a shot of the birthday boy posing with the wine 🙂

Four Seasons Wines Limited produces wines from grapes grown around Sahyadri valley in Maharashtra, India and it’s parent company is United Breweries. They produce a variety of wines – both white and red. The one they sent over was their popular Merlot – a lovely still red, and dryish sort of wine. It was a total hit with us.
Here’s a description of the wine taken from their site:

Type: Still Red Wine
Grapes: Merlot
Origin: Baramati, Maharashtra, India
Style: Dry
Tasting notes:
Color: Ruby red in color with a hint of garnet
Aroma: Delicious aromas of ripe black fruits, especially plums.
Palate: Medium bodied with soft tannins and a pleasant lasting finish.

Serving suggestion: Enjoyed best at 16 – 18 degree C with medium spiced Indian dishes as well as roast lamb with all the trimmings.

I didn’t really pair the wine with any food as my throat was hurting too much. But, I must say it had quite a restorative effect. The wine really soothed the rawness in my throat, and ensured that I got a good night’s sleep to boot.

We liked this wine so much that I went over to check the price on their site and was happy to discover that their pricing is quite reasonable for the quality of their wine. I will definitely be checking out more of their selection in stores.

More information about their products can also be found on their Facebook page.

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