Piglet’s Ridiculous Sleep Routine


Piglet is probably the most contrary baby I know, scratch that second-most contrary. Snubnose wins the contrary award hands down.

Anyway, when Piglet was a newborn, he never had a problem sleeping, he would nurse and then turn around and sleep without any issues. All that changed after a couple of months when he would need songs or light rocking to get him to sleep.

He never though needed to be carried or held. He was always happiest on the bed, even if I wanted to take him, he would yell until he was back on the bed, and all I needed to do was pat him and sing lullabies.

Fast forward one year later.

Now that Piglet no longer fits on my lap, well, being the contrary baby toddler that he is, that’s exactly what he wants. He desperately tries to fit into my lap, which he doesn’t, making it the most uncomfortable experience for the both of us. Soaring temperatures and humidity add further to the discomfort.

The routine now is as follows:

  • Use my left leg as pillow for his head
  • Use my right leg as pillow for his feet
  • With my left hand, I massage his head
  • With my right hand, I pat his bottom
  • All the while singing his favorite lullaby

The first 10-15 minutes are pleasant and sweet, but once it goes past 30 mins to sometimes as much as an hour, before piglet finally falls asleep it becomes agony, literally. My legs get cramped, my voice goes steadily hoarse, and piglet keeps tossing and turning uncomfortably…because it is a pretty darn uncomfortable way to sleep.

Just see the way he is sleeping on my lap and the floor!

Sleeping so uncomfortably across my legs

Sleeping so uncomfortably across my legs (uncomfortable for me, of course, he is sleeping so blissfully)

It literally makes me want to cry when I consider how lovingly I revamped snubnose’s old crib for piglet and that he hasn’t slept even one single night on it :(. It ended up getting used as a playpen while piglet continues to co-sleep on the big bed.

We have now finally given up on the crib and converted it into a toddler-bed/children’s sofa.

Our lovingly revamped crib lying empty :(

Our lovingly revamped crib lying empty 🙁

At least, it gets good use this way. And considering how contrary piglet is, he might actually want to sleep in it now!

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