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I am thinking of starting a new series on my blog called Piglet Loves. I realized quite recently that there are so many things going on with Piglet that I just enjoy for the moment, and then forget.

When the snubnose was small, I did not capture so many of the fun things she did. I had some strong reasons for that, but now, with the Piglet I really want to talk about his personality some hence this series. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

Anyway, one of the things Piglet loves is playing hide and seek. Ever since he could toddle on his fat legs, he would go hide somewhere and we needed to come looking.

Unlike the usual objective of the game (to stay hidden and not get found), Piglet looves to be found. Consequently, he goes off to hide in his usual favorite places – behind the curtain with his feet peeking out, in the closet, behind the refrigerator, and so on. And when we go and find him, he bursts out into peels of laughter and gives a huge hug.

He can do this umpteen times, long past everyone is exhausted and even on the umpteenth time, he is full of squeals and giggles. So much fun, but so tiring at the same time!

Can you spot where he's hiding in the photo?

Can you spot where he’s hiding in the photo?

He can't wait to be found

He can’t wait to be found

He comes out running once I start calling out his name pretending I can’t find him 🙂

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