First Reading Challenge Sign-up for 2013

Indian Quills Reading Challenge

Indian Quills Reading Challenge

I know, I know, I have time and again joined and failed reading challenges. Why do I even keep bothering?

But, I like this one – the Indian Quills Reading (IQR) challenge hosted by The Tales Pensieve. I am planning to read a lot of Indian-origin fiction in the next year, and what better way to do it than join an online Indian fiction reading group? I also love that this challenge is restricted to Indian authors, which keeps the group smaller and a little more focused. I’ve joined Asian authors reading challenges in the past, but the pool of authors was just too large and the reading group so diverse that I kind of spaced out after a while.

I am also keeping the reading challenge relatively light – only 6 books, but I am going to make them count 🙂

What are the reading challenges you are planning to join in 2013?

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